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Q: How do you read diagnostic codes on a 2001 Town car without using a scanner?
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What would cause excessive fuel consumption on a 1995 or 1996 lumina van where should i start?

Scan the computer diagnostic codes using a GM code scanner.

Is there a way to retrieve DTC's from a 1991 Acura Legend without using a scanner?

How do i pull codes for a 1989 acura legend

Why does your service light come on in your 1997 Saturn SL1?

Get the codes using a scanner

How do I check the codes from the check engine light on a 2003 Kia sedona?

You need some sort of a scanner to plug in to retrive the codes from the computer. Prefer using a Kia scanner for best results.

How do you get the codes without using a code scanner on a 2000 mitsibushi marage?

check your owners manual,but in some vehicles you can get your codes by turning your key off and on several time ie 5 0r 6 without starting the vehicle,then the codes flash where the mileage read out is on your speedometer,providing you have digital readout

How do you fix tachometer on dodge ram 2006 1500?

That depends on what part of the system is malfunctioning. You will probably need to start by using a scanner to check the cluster for trouble codes.That depends on what part of the system is malfunctioning. You will probably need to start by using a scanner to check the cluster for trouble codes.

Can you read Taurus 2001 diagnostic codes without an OBD II tool?

No. I don't know the Taurus, specifically, but the OBD II standard does not provide non-computer access to codes, such as with the older GM CCC system using a jumper.

Where can you find a free list of diagnostic codes for a 1995 Mazda MX6 4 cylinder you am going to check for codes using a paper clip on the TenGnd in the diagnostic box?

try has online manuals that give step by step how to

Who do you retrive Transmission codes from a 93 Geo Metro?

If you are using a scanner to retrieve these codes, you will need a code book. You would be able to buy this book at farm and fleet.

What devices can be used to restrict entry to sensitive areas?

magnetic door locking system, turnstiles that can be controlled using fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, smart cards, bar codes

How do you make a 1996 dodge caravan display the trouble codes on the digital dash display ie the mileage display without using an external obd scanner?

You can't. You need a scanner. Turn the key off then on again five times. The "check engine" light will flash the codes. You have to pay attention to the flashes. One flash means 1, two flashes means two, etc., etc. The codes can be found online.

I have replaced the oxygen sensors in my 2004 GMC Sierra codes 0131 and 0138 Can the OBD be reset without going to the dealer and paying for it?

Yes it can be reset without going to the dealer and you will have to pay for it. It will require someone with a scanner. How did you arrive at replacing the oxygen sensors. I own a shop and a customer came in Friday with the same codes. Using our scanner and it's troubleshooter guide, we replaced a cracked vacuum line and cleared the codes. Code is gone without replacing anything except for a vacuum hose. A lot cheaper than jumping to conclusions and replacing perfectly good parts.

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How do you get diagnostic codes using ignition key on 1997 grand prix?

In 1996 all cars sold in the U.S. had to be made with what they call OBD2 (Onboard Diagnostics 2). This system cannot be checked by using the key, it can only be checked with an OBD2 scanner. Some auto partsstores like AutoZone and O'reill's will run these tests for free. sgi

How do turn off engine light on 2002 dodge caravan?

Bring it to a shop or an auto parts store where they can hook up an OBD II scanner and read the trouble codes. Turn the light off by either fixing the problems the codes tell you, or have the person reading the codes turn off the indicator light using the scanner.

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How do you turn off the check engine light on a 1999 Honda?

There are two methods of resetting the Check Engine light on a vehicle. One involves using a Code Scanner, by reading the codes, and most have a feature to reset the codes once they have been read. If you find yourself without a code scanner, simply remove the negative battery cable from the battery for at least 10 minutes. This will reset the computer, thus resetting any codes that were stored, that were causing the Check Engine light to begin with. Don't do any of the above if you plan to take your car to a Mechanic, as they will be using those codes to diagnose, and ultimately repair your vehicle.

How do you reset a computer on a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro?

Have the system scanned for codes. Make the necessary repairs andthen have the code cleared using a scanner.

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Can a cell phone be used as an online scanner?

Yes a cell phone can be used as an online scanner if it has the right hardware and software installed. One can scan documents using the camera or scan codes for online banking or other activities.

Can you put codes onto your action replay without using a PC?


Hello I have a 1996 Ford escort with 125 000 km.The check engine light just came on but I was wondering if this could be the O2 Sensor.Where is it located?

Yes, it certainly COULD be the O2 sensor, but the only way to know for certain is to use a diagnostic code scanner. You can borrow, rent or buy one at many of the auto parts retailers. Using a code scanner lets you know for certain what computer codes are being stored.

How do you get DTC codes for on 1998 jeep 5.9 limited?

I'm wondering if you are looking for a list of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes and what they mean or if you are wanting to know how to get any codes that may be stored on board due to a fault that's occurred. On model years 96 and later the only way to obtain the codes is by using a scanner that plugs into an outlet typically located under the dash on the drivers side near the side wall. The scanner will display any active codes. It would probably be less expensive to just take the vehicle in to a repair shop that has a scanner than to buy one. If you want a list of all codes that can be shown you can obtain these codes and an explanation of each by purchasing one of the popular repair manuals from publishers such as Hayes or Chilton. Usually these manuals are available at your local library in their reference section and contain a wealth of other information. Hope this helps and Good luck to you !!

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