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By talking with your dealership owner or who ever helped you.

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Q: How do you rate safety on a car?
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What car insurance companies calculate car insurance rate based on the drivers safety record?

Most car insurance companies base their premiums on the driver's safety record. This ensures the best possible rate for driver's who can demonstrate a safe driving history.

What is the most important safety feature in a car?

In my opinion, the seatbelt. Without it, a casualty rate due to car accidents would increase dramatically. Seatbelts are an extremely important safety feature in a car. Buckle up!

What are the safety features of the Chevy HHR?

The safety features of the Chevy HHR are as follows: OnStar control, traction control, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. These make the car rate an 8.1 out of 10 for safety.

Will there be an safety car in f1 2012 game?

There is a Safety Car on/off in the options. However i have had the game for 4 days and have not seen 1 safety car. I have tried crashing badly into people and they have lost a wheel and retired, but no safety car

When the safety car is deployed in Formula 1 can a car resume its position after pitting during the safety car?

no because they are gits

What is Max interest rate on a car in nc?

Depends on the year of the car, the older the car the higher the rate can be. The maximum rate is 28.95%

What is the worst part about car crashing?

The worst part about car crashing is potential death. If traveling at a high rate of speed or not following safety procedure, there is a high chance of death or permanent disability.

How you calculate the Safety Activity Rate?

how to calculate activity rate for machining

What are federal motor safety standards?

the safety things in a car ;)

What is the fastest car at safety city?

Your moms car!!

Does a car have to safety inspected before buying on Ontario?

Yes, your car needs a safety if changing the ownership in Ont.

Who is the safety car driver in Formula 1?

Bernd Mayländer of Germany. He has driven the safety car since 2000.

Should a car from Beaverton Toyota have a safety check?

"If you are going to purchase a car from Beaverton Toyota, the car will be certified already and will not require you to have a safety check. Any car dealer makes sure that the vehicles are safety checked before they are able to sell them."

What are some safety features one would want on an infant car seat?

There are many safety features one would want on an infant car seat. Examples of safety features one would want on an infant car seat includes a high-tech safety belt and a safety harness.

What are three constraints that limit the design of a car?

Driver safety, passenger safety and vehical safety.

How do you turn on the safety car in career mode in f1 2011 for ps3?

ive got it in 2009 and the safety car does not come on

What safety features does an old car and a new car have?


What is the safety rating on the Smart Car?

The 2010 Smart Car was given a 8.5 out of 10 safety rating by U.S. News. To find out more information about the safety of the Smart Car you can visit sites such as or

Are the rates higher for a senior to get car insurance?

If you are 75 years or older you car insurance rates will likely be higher as the rate of accidents increase. Some insurances offer better rates for seniors who take safety courses.

For saving lives what is the most important safety feature on a car?

Safety belt.

Can a bad neutral safety swicth prevent a car from reversing?

No ... A bad neutral safety switch will let the car start in any gear,but will not prevent the car from going into reverse

Would be the best source for an essay focusing on the best safety features for cars?

car safety, a magazine that tests car products and tells car owners which ones are the best.

What is the maximum interest rate for a car loan in Pennsylvania?

what is the maximum rate for used car loan in Pennsylvania

What safety features has a very early car got?

an early car did not have very many safety feature but it had air bags and seat belts

Where online can one find information about car seat safety?

One can find more information about car seat safety from the following sources: NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, The Car Seat Lady.