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Wow! It requires a LOT of training, a lot of dedication, and since Olympic sports are actually EXTREME sports, it requires a development of your attitude that is exceptionally focused on success REGARDLESS of your perceptions! Almost all Olympic contenders start REALLY young! It is not uncommon for "gifted" athletes to start training as young as 6 years old before they are old enough to qualify. Usually, hopefully, this is because the parents notice an athletic interest in their child and NOT because the child is "herded" into the activity! A male child likes trains? Buy him childrens' train books and train toys and model trains and talk to him about trains! A child likes to run competitively as a natural pastime? Then challenge him or her to run with you for "the best time", the "best endurance", and encourage him or her to join a children's athletic club! The rest will follow. The first aspect is, and I do not know if your question is related to YOUR interest or if this is just a general interest question or if this question is related to someone you know, but, HOW GOOD are you / is your friend or relative ??? I mean, in whatever aspect of athletic prowess you are considering, is there something abnormally outstanding about this person or about you? Do you or someone else swim better, faster, with more stamina than anyone else you see around you/him/her ????? That is a clue as to whether to go further in this pursuit. The second aspect is, if this is a noticeable trait, have you or has this person sought a training advisor, a professional trainer, or an organization that nurtures Olympic hopefuls? Yes, there are groups... some of them FUNDED by donations, to develop private groups of Olympic hopefuls to the point that they are legitimate contenders. Then there are those athletes who just rise naturally in the high school and college system and come to the attention of Olympic scouts, or a coach may recommend a student who rises to state finals or beyond to the Olympic training committee. I do not know how else to answer your question.

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Countries that are members of FIFA must compete in qualifying matches prior to the start of the actual FIFA World Cup. These qualifying matches determines the teams' participation in the tournament, and its FIFA ranking.

Teams only compete against other teams that are from the same federation (i.e. the United States' team only competes with teams from the CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football)).

FIFA allocates a certain number of teams from each federation to qualify. For example, in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, FIFA allowed only 4 teams from the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) to qualify for the tournament, meaning no more than 4 Asian countries were allowed to participate in the tournament.

Recently, FIFA regulations determined that 32 countries would be allowed to qualify for the tournament.

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Just play as best as possible and you may get chosen by National Team GM. As simple as that.

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Q: How do you qualify for the world championships in ice hockey?
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Are there any countries in Africa that play ice hockey? Hockey is played at a high enough level in South Africa that teams from that nation regularly play in the lower divisions of the IIHF world championships. The game is developing enough in Morocco and Algeria that they send teams to the Arab Cup hockey tournament. Also, according to Wikipedia, there is ice hockey played at a very amateur level in Tunisia, Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire.

Does Nicaragua have an ice hockey team?

They do not have an ice hockey team.۴ۥ

Which on average has more injuries accidents etc ice hockey or street hockey?

Ice hockey

What was played first ice hockey or field hockey?

Hockey was historically not played on ice until around the invention of modern ice hockey. This was well after the creation of modern field hockey, which itself derived from earlier variations. In short: field hockey was first.

What country won the first World Cup of Hockey?

If mean the original Hockey World Cup (first held in 1971), as in played on a turf, 11 a side, then Pakistan has won 4 times (1971, 1978, 1982 & 1994), followed by the Netherlands (3 times) and Germany (2 times). India and Australia have also won it. If you mean the Ice Hockey World Cup Tournament as sponsored by the NHL, Canada has won the most times. If you mean the official senior men's World Championships as operated by the IIHF, I also believe it is Canada. However, I suggest you check out the website at or simply Google World Hockey Championships to look for a list of gold medal winners.

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When was IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships created?

IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships was created in 1996.

Is US a team for mens ice hockey?

Yes the Us does have a team for mens Ice hockey. In the Olympics and the international ice hockey Championships.

Which month does the ice hockey finals?

Ice hockey finals of what? World Chanpionships? NHL? KHL? for most leagues in Europe including KHL it's April for World Championships it's May, for NHL it's June

Who has the most championships in NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey?

I think that the University of Michigan has the most NCAA championships

What team does Dion Phaneuf play for?

Dion Phaneuf is a professional Canadian hockey player. He plays a defenseman and is also a coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Dion has won a silver and gold medal in the World Junior Hockey Championships in 2004 and 2005 and also won a gold medal at the Men's World Ice Hockey Championships in 2007.

Who has won the most world championships in ice hockey?

In the annual International Ice Hockey Federation competition, Canada has won 24 times, more than any other country. They have a total of 45 medals (gold, silver, or bronze).

Why do Canadians play ice hockey?

This might be a somewhat simplified answer as I am not a sociologist or anthropologist. But hockey was invented/developed in Canada. Over the years hockey has become more than a sport. Indeed, it has become a vital part of the very fabric of our Canadian culture. There are few Canadians , male or female, who haven't played the game at some time in their lives, even if it has only been skating around with a puck and stick on a local pond or rink.

What nations play hockey?

There are over 60 countries that are members of the International Ice Hockey Federation, however, only 46 of these actually ice teams in sanctioned world hockey championships at various levels. The top hockey playing countries are Canada, United States, Sweden, Russia,Czech Republic,Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Germany. For a complete list of hockey playing nations, please check the International Ice Hockey Federation website at .

Who has won the most high school state championships in hockey?

Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island has won 26 High School State Championships in a row for boys ice hockey (1978–2003).

What is world fastest sports in the world?

Ice hockey

What school has won the most NCAA titles in men's ice hockey?

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has won 9 national championships in Div I men's ice hockey. That's the most of any Div I school.