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Q: How do you put on a football lower back flap?
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How much time has to pass in order to put back the bone flap in Craniotomy?

Who was first the egg or the ckicken

How to make a creative timeline?

You can have index cards as flaps and put the date on the front and when you flap it over, info is on the back

Can you put a cat flap in an aluminium door?


How do you get the spare tire down on a 1998 Toyota Sienna minivan?

Lift the rear door, Under the mat on the right side there is a little flap cut into the carpet. Under the flap there is a nut you put your tire wrench on and rotate with the wrench to lower it

Where to put a picture of self in an essay?

Well, here's one idea: The "About the Author" page in most books is at the very end, or on the back flap.

Why do you have pain in your lower back after alcohol?

it's most likely because of the hard work you put your kidneys through, seeing as they reside in the lower back

When sending save the date cards do you put your return address on the front of the envelope or the back flap?

In generally goes on the upper left corner of the front of the envelope.

Where do you put the return address on a wedding invitation?

You can either put the return address on the upper left side corner or the envelope or on the back flap of the envelope. The stamp goes on the upper right of the front of the envelope.

Why the flap on the uniform?

Navy uniforms are based on very old traditions that go clear back to the 18th century. The flap behind the neck of the dress uniforms is a throwback to the days when sailors sometimes put tar in their hair to guard against salt spray.

Introducing a cat to its cat flap?

Have someone hold the cat near the flap. You go outside and call it or peek at the cat through the flap. You could also put your hand through the flap and wiggle your fingers. Cats are pretty smart and it will learn fast.

How can you stop a cat from coming into my cat flap?

Put your cat outside during its schedule, but when it is outside, lock the flap or find some way to close it. If your cat has a routine, then that should work. When it is ready to come back in, open the flap, then lock it again. If you do not have a routine for your cat, I recommend having one. For example: My cat is allowed out from: 8am to 4pm.

How do you replace the back speakers in a 1991 Chrysler LeBaron?

is it a convertible? if so the onlt thing that you do is lift the flap in the corners ( with the top up of course) and there you will find the speakers. Simply undo the screws and unhook the connection. Then you put the new speakers back in the holes, attach the wires and put the screws back in.

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