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You need a a spoke wrench to get the spoke out of the spoke nipple by the rim. The nipple screws on and off just like a regular nut. Undo the nipple and bend the spke a little until it pops free. Unlace the spoke from where it's intertwined with the other spokes until it can be released from the hub. Bring the spoke with you to thebike store and buy a replacement, then repeat in reverse. Tension spoke until it gives of the same tone as the other spokes then plucked.

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Q: How do you put new spokes in a rim bmx bike rim?
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How do you grind on a bmx bike?

put my mum on the seat and grind

How can you put a BMX bike on a trampoline?

Change the wheels with specil ski wheels i think its called ski bike.

Can you put pegs on a united supreme u2 2012 bmx bike?

axle mounted, yes.

What size tire should a put 20 inch bmx bike?

A 20 inch tire.

What holds the handlebars on a BMX bike?

It´s the Stem, it holds the bars and match with the frame with the help of a headset.

Can you put pegs on a 2009 diamondback viper?

Yes, pegs can be put on any BMX Bike. You will need a socket wrench to put pegs on certain bikes how ever.

Can you put a thicker tire on a bmx?

Depends on what's already on there, what's available, and how much clearance the bike has at the fork and frame.

How do you put the break cables on a bmx bike?

Too many steps to answer here, go to, or for more.

How can you make a bmx bike into a mini bike using a chainsaw?

u could cut it up then make all the bits smaller and then put weld it back together again

Can you put a 23 tooth sprocket on a mongoose bmx bike?

Not a sprocket only, but you can buy a 23-tooth freewheel that should fit.

Can you take a hub off a bmx and put it on a dirt jumper 26 inch?

Depends on what you mean and what the different bikes are like.If you really mean hub:The hub is the center part of the wheel, that holds the wheel axle and the spokes, and in some cases the brake rotor.Most 26" MTBs these days use dic brakes, while BMXes mostly use rim brakes. And to be able to fit a brake rotor to the finished wheel, you need to start with a disc brake hub, which a BMX hub is unlikely to be.But using a rim brake BMX hub to build into a rim brake MTB wheel - no problemAlso, most MTBs use 32 spokes, while for BMX, 36 spoke is more common. You need to match hub spoke count to rim spoke count to avoid complicated builds.If you mean wheel:BMX regular size is 20" against MTB regular size 26". You'll get all sorts of troubles by dropping 6" from the wheel diameter. The bike will handle differently, and the pedals will drop a lot closer to the ground.

Can you put a haro sprocket on any other bmx bike?

Probably. Today BMXes can have either a freewheel hub or a cassette hub, but as long as you stay within the hub type you can move parts from one bike to another.