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Disassemble the gun, and replace the back cap with the stock or take it to a paintball store, and ask them to.

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Q: How do you put a spyder stock on a spyder paintball gun?
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Can you put a rocking trigger on the sw1 paintball gun?

no, the rocking trigger was for spyder markers only

Can you put a grip on a spyder victor paintball gun?

Yes you can get a regular or just an air expansion chamber. They are extremely cheap.

Do you put the whole paintball gun in the fridge?

There is no reason to put a paintball gun in a refrigerator, or any appliance for that mater.

How do you turn up the velocity on a spyder sonix paintball gun?

On the bolt cap there is a small twistable screw. Put an Allen wrench in there and it will go up or down. NOt sure witch way does what though.

Can you put a regular scope on a spyder mr1 paintball marker?

No. You need an offset rail or the sight will be blocked by the hopper.

How do you use a squeegee on a paintball gun?

You put it through the barrel.

How do you put a paintball gun back together?

It depends completely on the model

How do you put a CO2 tank on a paintball gun?

You are the dumbest idiot i have ever seen you loser if you bought a paintball gun you should know how to plug in co2. If you don't have a paintball gun then why are you asking. All you do is take the tank and screw in into the paintball gun till it wont screw in anymore ok P.S. u need to get a life

How do you make a homemade paintball gun cleaner?

Have a degree in chemistry. Do not put anything in your gun besides air-tool lubricant (for mechanical guns), or actual paintball lube.

How do you reload a brass eagle paintball gun?

put more balls in the hopper.

How do you put a brass eagle paintball gun back together?

it depends on the model.

How do you put a small c02 canister on a styker cybrid paintball gun?

you screw the adapter into the gun, and then the co2 cartridge.

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