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You can practice by running and trying to get fit, but with the ball skills just try and pretend thet there is a ball, you can also get some cones or mark out a line and zig zag around them :)

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Try aiming in a large bucket, pot, or box of some sort. Also, I'm sure your community might have a gym you can go to. Of course, there's always the option of having your brother/sister hold their arms out in a large circle while you practice ;)

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You can practice dribbling in your yard, juggiling the ball on your knees and head, or just kicking the ball around with friends.

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Q: How do you practice basketball if you dont have a hoop?
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If you want to practice getting the ball in the hoop you need a ring, but it you want to practice dribbling or passing you can do it anywere.

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