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Lacrosse like most games is a competition to score more points than your opponent.

Each team has 10 players on the field:

1 goalie whose job it is to protect the goal from being scored upon.

3 defensemen whose job it is to stop the offense from scoring (or to get the ball back on the offensive zone)

3 attackmen who stay on just the offensive side of the field and whose job it is to try and score on the opponents.

3 midfielders who can go on either side of the field and play both offense and defense.

At the beginning of the game, second half and after each goal, there is a face-off in the middle of the field. During which only the midfielders may leave what's called the "restraining box". The other players are released when one team gets possession of the ball.

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Q: How do you play lacrosse explain the positions and why?
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