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At the top of your screen, next to your score, it show the number of TOs and the number of challenges. Point you Wiimote at the challenges and you should be able to challenge the previous play. I don't think you can challenge after you have watched instant replay though.

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You have to go to franchise and then play the franchise games. Then you go to the Pro Bowl.

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enter allstar

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Q: How do you play in the pro bowl in madden 10 for Wii?
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Can you play in the pro bowl on superstar?

If you are talking about on the Madden games then yes you can play in the pro bowl if you make it

What is the cheats for Madden 10 Wii?

Franchise Mode:teamplayer Superstar Mode:egoboost Situation Mode:youcallit Super Bowl Stadium:thebigshow Pro Bowl Stadium:allstars

How can you play the pro bowl on madden 11?

yes you can you have to start franchise mode and go from there you can play it or simulate the season

What are the codes for Madden 10 Wii?

THEBIGSHOW is Super Bowl Stadium ALLSTAR is Pro Bowl THEWORX is everything From , MAc McCrary Ps if you have any trouble type it

How do you play madden 11 pro bowl game?

u just go to franchise mode and go from there!!

How do you get to franchise on Wii Madden 10?

on the screen where it says PLAY NOW and EXTRAS and stuff, go to EXTRAS, then go to MADDEN CODES and type in THEWORKS (no spaces what so ever) and every mode will be unlocked, Franchise, Superstar, Situation. You will also be able to use the Pro-Bowl(Aloha Stadium) and Super Bowl stadiums.

Can you play madden 11 wii with a classic controller?

Yes, the Classic Controller Pro is compatible with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Wii.

Is it hard to play madden nfl 11 with wii mote?

no on my first game i set it to all pro and i still thought it was easy :)

How do you get the 2012 madden pro bowl team?

to make the probowl team, you get voted on to the team by fans.

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Has Peyton Manning played on the pro bowl team a lot?

Yes, he's made the pro bowl 11 times and played in it 10 times, he missed one because he was going to play in the super bowl and it was a week after the pro bowl, so for safety reasons he didn't play in the pro bowl that year,

Why didn't Brett Favre play in 2008 Pro Bowl?

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