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Google meepasheep it sounds wierd but it works!

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Q: How do you play NFL song on recorder?
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What is recorder karate?

Recorder karate is something you do in school starting at 3rd grade. If you want to know how to play the recorder. When you do recorder karate you play a song and if you play the song right on the recorder, then you will get a white belt from your music teacher. Then on the second song if you play the song right you will get a yellow belt It is called recorder karate because you can get a belt every time you play a song right kinda like karate! I am in 3rd grade that is how i know this.

How do you play french folk song on the recorder?

It depends what kind of recorder

How do you play the song Replay on the recorder?

by playing it

How long is it to play the recorder?

depends on the song

How do you play the lazy song on the recorder?

u can get a tape then get a recorder then u got Ur answer

How do you play the titanic on recorder with the lyrics?

see the song

How do you play deck the halls with the recorder?

how to play Deck the halls Christmas song

How do you play the whole song of what makes you beautiful on the recorder?


How do you play the George Lopez theme song on the recorder?


What Taylor Swift song that can play on the recorder?

Our song, i have seen a video of it. It s amazing

How do you play the pirate song on the Recorder?

record it and then play it on a CD and you look good person

How do you play love you like a love song on the recorder?

No clue i need it to