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one andser, pick 69

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Q: How do you pick a motocross bike number?
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What is the best jersey for motocross?

a jersey with the number on your dirt bike on it

Is a yz426f a trail bike or a motocross bike?

The YZ is a motocross bike, the trail or woods bike is a WR426.

What is the difference between a motocross bike and an off-road bike?

motocross bike is a off road bike

Is the cr250 motocross?

A cr250 is a motocross bike

In Maine are you supposed to have a driver's license to drive a dirt bike?

By dirt bike do you mean and enduro bike or a motocross bike or some other bike at all? For any bike except motocross bike you definitely need license, and for motocross bike you don't, because you can't ride it on the streets at all... You can only use it in motocross tracks and for that you need to have a special permit...

How can you become a motocross bike enthusiast?

Become enthusiastic about motocross bikes.

Where can a Yamaha YZ 125 be bought?

A Yamaha YZ 125 two-wheeler motocross bike can be purchased at a number of places. Thrift websites such as kajiji generally house a lot of motocross bikes for sale. The bike can also be purchased through the Yamaha website. A local bike and motocross store will also generally stock this type of bike.

How old is your motocross bike?


Can you ride a Motocross bike in the woods?

Yes, a motocross bike will have stiffer suspension and the gearbox isn't the best for the woods riding.

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a form of dirt bike racing that is held on a outdoor track.

What kind of bike has won most motocross races?

a bmx bike

What bike do you have to get to race in motocross?

A fast one.

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