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you really can't stop yourself from coming up short on a shot unless your muscles are strong enough or they know excatly how far they are from the basket because you have shot this shot lots of times, or a similar shot.

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Q: How do you not come up short when shooting a basketball?
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Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

Can a basketball player throw the basketball up in the air before free throw shooting?


Is shooting around a game of basketball?

No it is a way to warm up, but is not a game

Where should you aim when shooting a lay up shot in basketball?

If your basketball court has a box a top of the net try to aim at that.

What are different basic movements in basketball?

There are many different basic moves in basketball. Some include dribbling, posting up, passing, lay ups, up and unders and shooting.

What the small forward do in basketball?

they usually are good at dribbling, passing, shooting, and setting up plays

What are some good shooting drills for basketball?

Start shooting from up close, then every time you make a shot, just go a step back, and repeat

Can a basketball player through the ball up in the air before foul shooting?

No, a basketball player is not allowed to throw the ball up in the air before attempting their foul shot. Players are able to do any preparation that will help them, but are not allowed to release the ball into the air before shooting.

What do you do to be come a basketball player?

You sign up at a Basketballteam.

What does it mean to follow through when shooting a basketball?

When you shoot, your arm should come up and straighten and you flick your wrist to realse the ball. To follow through means to hold that position until the ball reaches the hoop

When did they come up with the three point line in basketball?


What is the foul in basketball when you slap the shooters arm?

i play basketball and if the person with the ball goes up for the shot and you slap him on the arm it is a shooting foul and you go to line to shoot free throws

How dangerous is shooting a gun straight up?

Very dangerous. What goes up WILL come down again.

How do shooting stars come?

Shooting stars are not really stars they are asteroids cought in the Earths atmosphere and the atmosphere is burning it up.

Is shooting three baskets considered a game of basketball?

If Ur Playing Up To Three Points But there are many other games like break the ice, 21, Basketball pump, AND MUCH MORE

In basketball where on the court is the 'key'?

It is the rectanglular shaped area close to the basket where the players line up around when shooting free throws.

What is a basketball team made up of?

a basketball team is made up of 5 players and 5 or more substitutes. 3 forwards and 2 defense. your forwards are your center, your power forward and your small forward. your defence are your point guard and shooting guard.

What are the different kinds of shooting in the basketball?

Slam dunk ,lay up , jump shot and a plain old stand still and shoot shot

Why was the basketball net invented?

The basketball net was invented because when they use the peach baskets the ball couldn't come through and they would have to climb up and get the basketball out of the basket.

Why did James decide to invent basketball?

James Naismith was given 14 days to come up with an indoor game at his YMCA facility. The game he came up with was basketball.

What if your team mate shoots the basketball she misses and you come up with the ball first what is this known as in basketball?

That's called a offensive rebound.

What does a shooting guard do?

Shooting guards are usually the good scorers on the team. They are the second option to bring the basketball up if the point guard is unable to do so, and are usually the second fastest on the team. Shooting guards are expected to be able to hit mid-range shots and three pointers when necessary.

Types of basketball shooting?

Types of shooting are:Jump shotHook shotLay upDunkFree throwI don't know much about basketball but I hope this help.

Why do you get hives when shooting up?

Cuz your gross & shouldn't be shooting up!

The extended post world war 2 confrontation between the us and the soviet union that stopped just short of a shooting war?

The Cold War come on guys, that one was easy, did you really have to look it up?

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