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you have to dribble the ball up and down the court because if you walk with the Basketball you will be travelling.

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Q: How do you move the basketball up and down the court?
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What is basketball dribbling?

It is when you bounce a ball up and down the court.

How do you play air raid basketball?

you use right and left to move up and down the court. Up is used to jump and space bar is used to shoot.

How do you move in wii sports resort basketball?

You move all by yourself, when you shake the wii mote up and down you dribble (thats how you move)

Basketball up and down?

Bouncing a basketball up and down is called dribbling.

How did basketball help people today?

well it helps us because it is a joy playing it and it is great exercise by running up and down the court YEAH FOR BASKETBALL

Why do you need to be in shape to play professional basketball?

Basketball is a physical sport and involves running up and down the court multiple time. As well as, other physical activities.

What does the saying the ball is in your court mean?

This is a sports idiom -- it comes from basketball, where the "court" is the playing field. If the ball is in your court, you have control of it and it is your turn to play. This idiom means that whatever happens next is up to you.It pretty much means it is up to you to make the next move.It means, like, what happens next is up to you, you have to make the decisionThis is a sports idiom. The court is the basketball court. If the ball is on your side, or in your court, then it is your turn to move.

How does speed and velocity affect basketball?

it affectsbbaskeetball by running down the court to catch up with the other people on the oppiste team.

How might one setup a backyard basketball court?

To be able to set up a backyard court one must consider the following; the town's rules and regulation on setting up basketball court, the size of the court and the available backyard space, the size of the basketball court you are planning to put up, finances. If all the factors mentioned above are completed one can start the backyard basketball project successfully.

Why is body composition important in basketball?

Body composition is important because you are always running up and down the court. You need to be strong and you need to be fit to be in the game in basketball, trust me it will help you.

Why did the monsters squash Michael Jordan to a basketball?

after the loony toons clean up the basketball court

Do dolphins tails move up and down or side to side?

up and down They move up and down.

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