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You get a ruler and measure it in inches from the bottom of your hand to the bottom of you fingers.The finger holes will be tiny at first so it might be hard to get your fingers in and out unless you get grips with dalls. If you have dalls you just put them at the tips of your fingers.

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you don't have to measure them. You just have 2 find what is comfortable. hope that helps

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Q: How do you measure your hand for grips for gymnastics online?
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It depends. Basically there is Palm grips, which only cover the palm(hence the name), and Dowel grips, which cover your hand up to the top of your middle finger. If you are a beginner gymnast, or just don't do that much difficult stuff,I would go with Palm grips. If you are more advanced, or do fancier skills, I would go with Dowels. Ask your coach what he/she thinks.

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