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All Golf clubs are measured in inches. Just a shaft is simply measured top to bottom. When a golf club is assembled, with a head and grip, an iron is measured from the top butt end of the grip to the bottom of the hosel. When a wood is being measured it should be measured to the closest point of the sole to the hosel.

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Q: How do you measure the shaft length of your club?
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How do you shorten the shaft length of a golf club?

You take the grip and tape off the club, then you either use a circular saw blade to trim the shaft or use a specialist shaft cutter to take off the desired length. Then just regrip the club as normal.

How do you increase the shaft length of a golf club?

have one custom made

What is the best golf club for youth?

a club with an appropriate shaft flex and length for the size and strength of the youth.

What length should the golf club driver shaft be on a driver?

There is no set length as it needs to be relative to your height.

What is the length of a golf club?

Depends on the Club. Lower number clubs have a longer shaft, and a more vertical face.

What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

How do you measure the proper shaft length for me?

stand up straight, grab a 5 iron by its head and hold it upside down as if it were a walking cane. If the end of the club touches doesn't touch the floor then it is too short. On the otherhand, if if your elbow is bent and the club is touching the floor then it is too long for you.

Trimming instructions for tip of a golf shaft?

You should simply mark the desired length, and then using a rotating saw and being careful you should cut just below the marked line. You should then use a sander to smooth off the shaft to the correct length, and then you are ready to put your shaft into your club.

What is the length of Chevy 350 transmission?

there are several different varieties of the turbo 350 trans. some were short shaft some were long shaft. your best bet is to actually measure it.

What are golf iron numbers mean?

The number relates to the loft of the club and the length of the shaft. For example a 3 iron has the lowest loft and longest shaft. A 7 irons has more loft and a shorter shaft than the 3 iron.

How long should a shaft be for an adult using a ram 4 v force golf club?

Correct shaft length depends on the height of the individual. It must be at least 18 inches and up to 48 inches in length, though a putter can be longer.

What does the actual length of the golf club determine?

Distance. The longer the shaft the wider the arc during a swing which translates to more club head speed which translates to more distance.

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