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you don't

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Q: How do you measure bowling speed with a use of a stopwatch?
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Do you use a stop watch to measure speed?

no you use a stopwatch to measure elapsed time.

How could you measure the speed of a toy car going down a ramp?

Use a stopwatch.

What instrument is used to measure speed or velocity?

In a vehicle it is the speedometer, but this is driven from the transmission. To get an independent measure, use a stopwatch to time a measured mile or other distance.

Do you use a stopwatch to measure how fast your heart beats?

Yes, you use a stopwatch.It was a math quiz for me, I wrote a stopwatch, and I got it correct.

What do you measure velocity with?

Police measur speed with a radar gun. It uses the Doppler effect to find speed. You can measure distance traveled and use a stopwatch to measure speed yourself. You asked about velocity, however. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. To measure velocity, you have to track the direction of travel. For that, either a compass, a chart or some other measure.

What tool do you use to measure elapsed time?

A clock, watch, or stopwatch.

What instrument do you use to measure the rate of a falling object?

a ruler and a stopwatch

What instuments can be used to measure period of a pendulum?

You could use a stopwatch.

What is the use of the stopwatch in the laboratory tools?

A stopwatch is a sort of timepiece that it is use to measure the exact time. in laboratories it is used to measure the events when time period even in seconds or milliseconds is required in exact measurement.

What do you use to measure speed in the metric system?

You use exactly the same instruments to measure speed in the metric system as you use in any other system. For example, a speedometer, or a distance measuring device and a stopwatch. The difference is that these devices are calibrated in metric units, instead of old-fashioned units.

What tool can you use to see who is the fastest swimmer?

Seeing as you are looking at speed, you could use a stopwatch.

What will you use to measure the time taken to run by two athletes?

The traditional instrument used to measure the time of a given run is the stopwatch.

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