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You don't. There is no reason to measure it, as pool table covers are not sold that way. the only information you need is what the table size is referred to as. Such as 8 foot or 9 foot.

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Q: How do you measure a pool table for a new cover?
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How much does a pool cover costs?

I recently broke my pool cover. How much, on average, would a brand new pool cover cost me?

Are used pool tables worth the price compared to new pool tables?

Used pool tables, depending on the condition can sell for anywhere from $500-2000 dollars. A new pool table average about the same, but lack some of the characteristics of an older pool table.

Can a mizerak pool table be re felted?

Yes, there is no difference between the Mizerak pool table and other slate pool tables. It is expected to get new felt due to normal wear.

Where do you buy new slate for a pool table?

you go into the shop and click on table up the top, and there. have fun;)

How much money can you expect to save by purchasing a used pool table instead of a new one?

It really depends on who the seller of the used pool table is and what they want for it. It also depends on the condition of the pool table (gently used vs. very used).

How can I replace pool table lights?

Some sporting good shops like Big 5 may offer good deals on new pool table lights or they may also sell parts to replace the broken pool table light.

Where can I find a used pool table online?

Ebay is a good place to search for a used pool table. There are other sites you can search, however they'll probably be new.

What is the best way to move a pool table?

There are pool table jacks and dollies that are designed to lift the pool table and roll it to a new location. These are used by billiard halls and bars. If unable to rent the proper jack, a wheeled automotive transmission jack can be used, with boards placed under the table supports.

Where can I buy pool table lights?

I believe that home depot or lowes can help you find the best light for you new pool table. They usually have many choices for you to choose from. Good luck.

Where can you buy a pool table in Upper Hutt?

Check the newspaper ads first to locate one, and the second choice is to do an internet search for New Zealand pool table dealers. Check with them to be sure they will deliver and assemble the table at your location.

How do you move a pool table?

This depends upon whether you are moving it a short distance (in the room) or to a new location with a truck. Pool halls use a wheeled pool table jack to safely move tables between rooms. If you are moving to a new location and can fit the pool table through the doorway (such as in a garage) you can do this and load the table on a flatbed, no disassembly required. However, if neither of these apply to you, you will most likely have to disassemble and get it re-assembled at the new location. If it is a one piece slate, you can disassemble and re-assmble yourself, with patience. Otherwise, a professional should be called in to re-assemble, level the table, and re-felt it.

Do cues come with a new pool table?

Most sales of a new pool table include up to 4 cues. However, these are typically one piece cues of very low quality that may warp quickly, and may not even be comfortable for use.

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