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Q: How do you measure a ball's bounce?
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Do all balls bounce?

No medicine balls do not bounce unless you throw them on a trampoline.

Do bigger balls bounce higher than small balls?

small balls will bounce higher because they have closer particles

When was All Balls Don't Bounce created?

All Balls Don't Bounce was created in 1994.

What is a catchy science fair title for bounce balls?

"Bouncing into Science: The Physics and Chemistry of Bounce Balls"

Why do tennis balls bounce lower when they get colder?

because tennis balls turn in to ice when cold, and then dont bounce.

Why do glass balls bounce higher than rubber balls?

Glass balls tend to bounce higher than rubber balls due to their density and hardness. Glass balls have less energy loss upon impact because they are rigid and less deformable compared to rubber balls. This allows glass balls to retain more of their original kinetic energy during the bounce, resulting in a higher bounce height.

Do tennis balls bounce?


Why were bouncy balls made?

To bounce...

How do tennis balls bounce?

They are hollow rubber balls. Hope this helps!

Why balls bounce why not dogs?

Because balls are made of rubber, and dogs are not.

Why do smaller bouncy balls bounce higher than larger bouncy balls?

Smaller bouncy balls bounce higher than larger ones because they have less mass and experience less air resistance when they bounce. This allows them to conserve more of their initial energy and bounce higher with each rebound.

How does density effect the bounce of a ball?

If the balls weight is heavy it will not bounce as high but if the ball is lighter it will have more of a Chance to bounce higher.