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Gas or electric? Change the rear end and get a higher ratio one.

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Q: How do you make your Yamaha G1 golf cart go faster?
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How can you make your electric golf cart faster?

you cant

Could you make gas golf cart go faster?

put in a faster engine

What can you do to make an electric golf cart go faster?

Put a car battery in it

How do you make a electric club car golf cart go faster?

You can make an electric club car golf cart go faster by purchasing a more efficient engine. An engine that has full force power can help the club car go faster.

How do you make a solar powered golf cart?

buy a golf cart and put a solar panel on tp of it.

How do you eliminate a Yamaha golf cart govenor?

I wouldn't take off the governor, but you can loosen it. It sits on the rear end of the drivers side, and it's simply a bolt and nut that the looser you make the nut, the more speed you'll get from your cart.

Which golf carts have the best running engine?

Club Car makes the best golf carts in general. Yamaha also makes an excellent golf cart with a good engine. However, it is also important to make a decision between an electric and a gas engine.

How do you make a club car golf cart go faster?

Lift up the seat, you can now see an air filter...remove it. Immediate power increase.

How do you make a homemade electrical toy car?

old golf cart

What are the requirements needed to make a golf cart street legal?

You can not make a golf cart legal for public streets because a golf cart is incapable of protect it's occupants in a two vehicle crash. In order to be street legal it would have to pass it's crash tests and be judged safe for it's occupants. Obviously you can't build a real golf cart that would pass those tests.

Can you use a golf cart muffler on lawn mower?

No you can't use a golf cart mower on a lawn mower. You have to find a muffler that matches the make and model of the lawn mower.

How do you make a Yamaha zuma faster?

Run along side it...........

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