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To come up with a cheer for a cheer team its not as hard as it seems, all you have to do is be creative. For example use words that rhyme or express your team like we are the best so we cant be beat or lets pretend your mascot is warriors you could say we are the warriors we are the best and we're gonna rock it harder then the rest. Hope this helps:)

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It's very easy to make up your own cheer/chant/song. For instance, many chants consist of the name of your team followed by a number of handclaps. Or, you can use the chorus of a favourite song and work your team's name into it. The possibilities are almost endless, and are often very humorous.

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A cheer needs to have a rhyme or chant containing the team or players name. A short gymnastic routine then needs to be choreographed to fit with the chant.

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Q: How do you make up a cheer for you soccer team?
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