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The process of producing pointe shoes takes years of professional training. It is not something that may be done by an amateur.

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Q: How do you make point shoes at home?
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Can you make your own pair of evening designer shoes at home?

There are a lot of steps and lots of material involved in making shoes. While you can make shoes at home, it is probably faster and cheaper to purchase evening designer shoes.

What materials are used to make point shoes?

glue or wood glue or wood

Can you use tea to color satin shoes ivory?

You can depending on the type of shoes. In most cases yes but with leather shoes i would make sure to get it done professionally. If done at home it can turn out to be nice or you might have to buy new shoes. You can depending on the type of shoes. In most cases yes but with leather shoes i would make sure to get it done professionally. If done at home it can turn out to be nice or you might have to buy new shoes.

Does Tony Hawk make air walk shoes?

no tony hawk does not make airwalk ahoes but at one point he was sponcored by them

What are point and demi point shoes?

Pointe shoes are hard and ballet slippers are soft

How do you clean ballet slippers?

Well, If they are soft shoes (not point shoes) you can put them in the washing machine but you can't clean point shoes.

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What are smooth-soled shoes?

Point shoes (ballet) and tap shoes are examples of smooth-soled shoes.

What is wrong with Kristi's shoes and how is this problem solved?

kristi's shoes are made out of fishe and elrn sovelded the problem by haveing her dad take them home and make them black.

Do Chinese wear shoes in the home?

They don't wear shoes at home they only wear socks in their home.

How can one make a organizer for shoes?

One can make an organizer for shoes with just the right materials and skill. By using wood and iron materials, one can build a home-made shoe organizer in little to no time.

How Do You Make Ductape Pointe Shoes?

You take a point show and trace it after tracing it you can take the trace and ductape it to a mold!;)

How do you get marker out of ballet shoes?

Honestly you can't. I have a small mark on my point shoes from when I was sewing my riboons on. The only suggestion I have is soap and water. That should make the color fade a little bit

Do they still make ballet point shoes covers?

Yes they do. If you go to a dance shop, you can buy a bag of two, one for each shoe. Some ballet shoes already have an end to them though. But you can buy them in a dance shop where they do not sell their shoes like this

What does demipointe mean in ballet?

demipoint is flat ballet shoes and not the point shoes!

Where in the world is pointing your shoes at people rude?

It isn't rude because the people who point at your shoes are rather jealous of your shoes or don't want to point at your face like if they say NOW TELL ME WHERE DID SHE GO! And they point at your feet its just plain weird sometimes!

What was the Egyptians shoes made of?

The Egyptians shoes where made of wood the shoes where sometimes made with a point at the end of the shoes where the toes would go. The shoes would also have designs on them.

What is dancing on tips of the toes called?

It does not have a special name but the shoes are called point shoes

What is inside of point shoes?

Your feet.

How do you make shoes on dress up challenge?

You can't really make shoes unless you do it in a certain way. You can make shoes with the little designs, but there is no other way. Sorry!

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How do you clean pointe shoes?

you cant clean point shoes you just buy new ones

How do you measure the foot for point shoes?

This must be done by a professional at a shop selling pointe shoes.

Can some shoes make people fat?

No, shoes cannot make you fat.

Do they make women supra shoes?

Yes they do make supra shoes for women.