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This question is not clear. Fencing is a sport. A foil on a sword used in fencing. There is also epee's and sabre's. What are you tryin to ask.

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Q: How do you make fencing foils?
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What does Holden leave on the subway?

fencing foils and equipment

How much does a pair of fencing foils cost?

Anywhere from $36 to $130, depending on quality.

When did fencing foils start?

Foils originated in the mid-17th century, as a training sword for other one-handed light swords that were also used almost exclusively for stabbing.

What are the three names of fencing foils?

The foil, in fact, is only one of the three weapons used in fencing. The other two are known by different names: the Epee and the Saber.

Why was the fencing team angry at holden?

He forgot their foils on the subway because they were on the wrong subway so he kept getting up to check the map, and when they got off, he didn't take the foils.

What part of speech is the word fence?

A noun as a thing. Like a picket fence. A verb as in " Let's fence " using fencing foils.

What equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition?

The following equipment is needed to be ready for a foil fencing competition: Underarm Protector Chest Plate (For Ladies) Body Cords (2) Fencing Jacket Electrical Foil Lame Electrical Foils (2) Fencing knickers (pants) Knee- high socks Shoes Mask

What is a foil in Romeo and Juliet?

It is a (typically metallic) weapon, similar to a sword. It has a handle and tapers to an endpoint. Modern day foils are used in the sport of fencing.

What element is used to make cans cookwares foils?


The largest rectangular fencing you can make with 56ft of fencing?

A square 14 ft on a side.

How do you dress up for a foil fencing competition?

By way of fencing gear and equipment that one would wear, you would have to have:KnickersLong socks to go with themA JacketA Foil Lame (A Vest)A GloveA maskPreferably two foils, maybe moreAt least two body cords.(Optional) Fencing ShoesDepending on the competition, you can wear casually spiffy clothing to the competition before you will fence.

Why do you use aluminium foils in calorimeter?

To make sure whatever you wrap is good enough.

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