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WWE has writers that do all this work;however, if you are interested in making a great gimmick, here's some tips: * Choose if you are a heel (like Edge) or a babyface (like Jeff Hardy). This will help you work out the small details of your character. * Figure out what you will wear; after that, you can figure out the designs on clothing, on body (tattoos), etc. * Pick out music to use as an entrance theme. Many heels have hard rock,demonic and heavy metal; it's used to help "sell" their gimmick as being boring. Babyfaces usually have upbeat music that puts the crowd in a good mood. * Figure out some storylines just in case so that you'll have a pretty good idea of your character's attitude, personality, etc. Always be ready to adapt (what I mean is that if a promoter throws another gimmick at you, try to change. For example, if you're a hard-working guy,and you get hired and the promoter wants you to be a stereotypical badass rockstar, you'll have to live with that). Hope this helps! dannyblazeleap-w

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you don't the broad does they tell you if you are going to be good or bad,how you are going to wrestle,and how long you wrestle.

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Q: How do you make a good wrestling gimmick?
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