How do you make a football heavier?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Spray the outside with a lead-based paint. You can probably import the necessary paint from China.

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Q: How do you make a football heavier?
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Was a football heavier in 1970 or 2010?

The football was heavier in 1970.

Which is heavier- football with full air or with no air?

A football with full air is heavier.

Is a baseball heavier than a football?

mo its not the Baseball is hevier

How do you tell a replica football from an official football?

An old football has a different shape then a new one and it is often heavier and made of actual pigskin.

Why Is it harder to stop a heavy football player rushing the ball than it is to stop a lighter one?

Because the heavier football player has a much higher momentum which is product of mass and velocity. To cancel the momentum of a heavier football player one must achieve the same momentum at impact. A lighter player can only do that by increasing his velocity.Momentum = mass x velocityIf a football player weighed 100 Kg and was traveling at 5 m/s (11 miles per hour). A 50 Kg person would have to impact the heavier football player at a speed of 10 m/s (22 miles per hour) to cancel the inertia of the heavier football player.As the heavier football player goes faster it becomes increasingly difficult to stop them. You can also take several lighter players by combining their mass to stop the forward momentum of the heavier football player.

Why would a football coach use a fast runner?

A football coach might use a fast runner because if he wants to get a touchdown on the last four second or so the fast runner might make it on time and then they might win.

What is harder football or ballet?

It depends on what you are good at. If you have exceptional balance, and are a light person, football will be harder. If you are a heavier, strong, person who does not have good balance, you will find ballet is harder.

Does writing on paper make it heavier?


Does more fuel make your car heavier?

Obviously. Liquid has mass, so yes it makes it heavier.

Will a heavier football go further?

No the weight of the ball will slow it down then gravity will take hold and it will fall to the ground

What side of a penny is heavier?

The head's side of the penny is heavier because, the indentions on the head's side happens to make it slight heavier but I have tested this project out and it is not a myth it is head's.

How 2 make hair heavier?

Put salsa in it