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Making a Bowling ball hook is really all in the wrist and in the hand. The way you release the ball with effect how the ball ends up hooking. I found that it was easiest to just experiment with different releases reather then just taking advice. But if you have someone willing to teach then go for it =)

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Q: How do you make a bowling ball hook?
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Can you use a reactive bowling ball for a spare ball?

Yes, but you have to completely flatten your wrist to make it or it will hook

What is the Brunswick laser bowling ball good for?

No. This is a plastic ball and is not designed to hook.

What are 4 basic shots in bowling?

back up ball, hook ball, curve ball,

What are the four basic shot in bowling?

Straght ball,hook ball, curve ball, backup ball.

What are four. basic shots in bowling?

Straght ball,hook ball, curve ball, backup ball.

What does full roller mean in bowling?

when someone releases the ball, on purpose, with no rotation or "hook". In reactive balls(made to hook) the coverstock and core "hook" the ball

Does a Mammoth bowling ball hook good?

The hook of a ball depends on top weight, side weight, and finger weight and type of grip.

If the lane in a bowling alley is well oiled will that help your ball hook?

No it will make you're ball go farther down the lane before it breaks towards the pins.

One of the types of shots in bowling?

The first 4 strikes in a row have been given the name 'hambone' (unofficially of course!)

Where do they make bowling balls?

At a bowling ball factory.

How-to make a floating and sinking bowling ball?

you cannot make a floating and sinking bowling ball, it is highly impossible.

Why does a bowling bowl hook when you do not want it to?

When you bowl an bowling ball you can't exactly bowl in straight all the time because if you notice, you actually put a natural curve on the ball that is why it hooks when you don't want it to.