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There are usually two ways to lower a Basketball net. Either there will be a lever on the back, and you would scroll that around to raise or lower, or there is a lever, and you pull it down to raise the net and push it up to lower the net.

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Q: How do you lower or raise a basketball net?
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What is a basketball net?

a basketball net is the net hanging from the bottom of the rim on the basketball hoop

Does it matter if the basketball net is 2 inches lower?

yes depending on who is playing and the regualtions and the rules of where you are playing or the state

What you need for basketball?

We need a basketball court with a basket net and a basketball.

What is the height of a basketball net from the ground in meters?

The bottom of the basketball net is 2.5908m-2.6176m from the ground.

What are the structure of basketball?

The basketball net and the hard court

How high is the bottom of a net on basketball?

Depends on the net.

What is the regulation height of a primary basketball net?

The regulation height of a primary basketball net is 10 feet.

Does it make a difference if you have a basketball net or no net?

yes with a net it more visible

What are materials in playing basketball?

basketball, hard surface, net

What makes the noise when a basketball and a net connect together?

The net

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Is it called a basketball goal or a basketball hoop?

it's called a basketball net. :) hoop

How do you slide on a basketball net?

by sliding on it

What is the basketball net made of?


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What the first basketball net?

In 1966 is when the first basketball was used in the NBA.

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What equipment is needed for basketballl?

To play the basketball game you need: Basketball, Basketball Ring with net and Basketball Board.

What is the difference between a basketball game and a net ball game?

net ball doesnt have a net

Why was the basketball net invented?

The basketball net was invented because when they use the peach baskets the ball couldn't come through and they would have to climb up and get the basketball out of the basket.

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