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A waterpolo ball will deflate for the same reason as any other ball, i.e. if it has a puncture.

If you want to deliberately deflate a waterpolo ball then it is the same as a football, the easiest way is to get a valve used to pump the ball up, without the pump attached. This will allow the air to escape.

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Q: How do you lose air out of a water polo ball?
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Different layers of a water polo ball?

A water polo ball has two main layers. The inner layer is an inflatable bladder that holds air and basic structure. The outer layer is a rubber fabric that allows better grip on a ball and prevents the ball from absorbing water during a game. When a ball absorbs water it becomes heavy and hard to control.

Does a soccer ball lose its air in a plane I put my soccer ball in a plane in my luggage and now its out of air. does it have a hole r is it because of the pressure?

no it does not lose air in a plane it just has a hole in it or it has high or low pressure

Do plants lose water to air through photosynthesis?

No, plants lose water to the air through a process known as transpiration.

Does a ball lose air in winter?

Yes, a ball typically loses air in the winter. This is because the cold temperatures cause the internal air to decrease, which makes the pressure of the ball decrease.

Plants lose water to the air through what?


What is it called when the process by which plants lose water to the air?


What is the process called that plants lose water into the air?


Does temperature affect the air inside the tennis ball?

It the ball has air in it, then an increase of temperature will increase the pressure within the ball, over the short term. Over the long term, all pressurized tennis balls lose pressure. If the ball is the pressureless type, it has no air to be affected by temperature.

How does a basketball lose its bounce?

A basketball will lose it's bounce if it gets too cold. This is because the air molecules moving inside of the ball are moving slower causing the pressure inside of the ball to decrease.

Plants lose water to the air through?

Transpiration which is an evaporative process

How do plants lose water to the air?

Um probably because it evaporates....

Why does rubber ball float in water while eraser sinks?

because rubber ball has air trapped in it where as eraser does not have air hence density of ball is less than water so it floats where as density of eraser is more than water so it sinks

Why does a ball fly better in dry air?

Mostly the air you breathe has some water in it. Air with a bigger humidity is thicker. Not that you would notice it while walking or anything like that. So if you throw a ball in to water, it's not going to go very far, but when you throw it in the air, it flies much further. So the less there is water in the air, the less air resistance there is to slow the ball down.

Why does a person lose body temperature faster in water than air because?

Water is hydrobolic

Why does it get more difficult to push a beach ball underwater as you go deeper?

As more of the ball is submerged, you increase the volume of water being displaced. The difference between the density of the water and that of the air inside the ball generates an upward force, or buoyancy, on the ball. Once the ball is totally submerged, there should be no difference in the weight (force) required to sink the ball farther into the water, because although the pressure in the water is higher at an increased depth, its density does not change substantially. The difference in density between the water and the air in the ball remains the same. At greater depth, the ball will actually decrease in volume, and the air inside will increase in pressure, as a result of the water pressure on the flexible ball.

What kind of device is a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a giant ball filled with air, in which people roll down a hill. It is a rather new sport. You can compare it to the famous toy for hamsters. It is also similar to the water-equivalent where children can run around on the water, using a rolling ball full of air. A zorb ball however doesn't have any water involved.

Why does a ping pong ball float?

It is lighter than water and is hollow with air.

Why does a beach ball float on the surface of the swimming pool?

A beach ball full of air can be compared to aballoon full of helium. The overall weight of the beach ball with the air in it is less then that of the water. Water is able to move to one side so if you submerge the beach ball and let go of it the the water will move aside and under it because it is heavier. A balloon full of helium will do the same in air until it is lighter then the air underneath, but heavier then that above it.

A ball falling through the air has?

A ball falling from the air is effected by gravity. OR A ball falling from the air has mass. OR A ball falling from the air is aerodynamic.

How does air temperature and air pressure affect your flexibility?

the temperature of a basketball effects it's bounce because the air partacles in the ball slow down causing it to lose pressure and it doesn't bounce as well. if a ball has more pressure it bounces better.

Explain why placing dented table tennis ball in boiling water is one way to remove the dent in the ball?

The hot water cause the air inside the ball to expand and push out the dent.

What will happen if you poke a hole in a pingpong ball and then put it in hot water?

A dint in the surface of a pingpong ball can be removed by putting the ball in hot water. The hot water will expand the air inside the ball and push the dint out, restoring the original shape of the ball.As to a hole? A hole would allow the pingpong ball to fill with water.

Why can a dented table tennis ball often be mended by warming it in hot water?

The hot water heats the air inside the ball, which expands and forces the dent to pop out.

Why can a dented table tennis ball often be mended by warming it in a hot water?

The hot water heats the air inside the ball, which expands and forces the dent to pop out.

Why does a hot air balloon rise when the air is heated?

the heated air inside of the balloon has less density than the cold outside air so the hot air is more buoyant (e.g. the bowling ball sinks but the beach ball floats because the density of the beach ball is less than the water)