How do you lift a cheerleader?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Well there is more to "lifting" a cheerleader than you think, first off it is calledstunting and there are many different ways to stunt. but most of the time there is a group of three 2 bases, 1 back spot, and 1 flyer . if you want to lift the cheer leader up you will most likely be the base and it is actually quite simple,
if you place the foot parallel in the palms of your hand while you are in a squat position and not yet have your arms extended it is called a squish and that is a prep for being lifted.
than you should dip once or twice than pop up to a half or extension ( an extension is higher)
be sure your legs are locked along with your arms
your finger should be firmly placed along the toes and heel of the foot.
do NOT arch your back and do NOT drop your flyer

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Q: How do you lift a cheerleader?
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