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I'd really recomend you don't. It would be very risky, you could break your neck.

There are ways you could make it safer, like learning a bridge kick-over and back-walkover first, by doing those down a "cheese" (foam wedge) to start with and then on the floor. You could practice "popping" your shoulders in a handstand. You could learn to do a round-off and a handspring so you have a couple of moves where you get to your feet by pushing off your hands.

Then you could do the backhandspring from an angled trampette or two stacked spring-boards onto a couple of crash mats topped with a firm floor mat that will give enough stiffness to allow you to push away with your hands.

But if you had access to that sort of kit you'd have access to spotters too. So what you are really asking is probably how to learn a backflip with no safety aids at all, human or otherwise. And the answer is that if you like your spine intact then you don't.

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Q: How do you learn a backhandspring by yourself without a spotter?
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the backhandspring is the hardest thing to learn. onc you get your backhandspring you can get your roundoff backhandspring and back tuck real quick! it is tricky to learn but its like riding a bike when you have it you have it and can do it with no effort

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What is the average time of a teenager doing a back handspring?

There is really no average time . It all depends on four things. First , how fast you learn tricks. Second, how much dedication you put into learning the trick. Third ,If you are willing to practice your tricks. Fourth you must know other tricks before you can learn your back handspring. Like when you first begin you learn your forward roll then the straddle roll. After that, you will need to learn a back bend on the ground along with learning a handstand and a cartwheel. After you get your back bend on the ground you will work on a standing backbend, along with a hand stand snap down and a cart wheel click .If you can stop in your cartwheel you learn a standing backbend you will have to learn how to come up without rocking out of your backbend. Once you get that, you will learn a frontlimber and a backwalkover and maybe a front walkover. After that, you can learn your back handspring. But you cant just start on the ground. First, you have to be spotted on the top of the wedge. After you get that, you have to be able to do a back handspring on the top of the wedge by yourself, then you move down to the middle, then the bottom, and finally on the ground. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPOTTER WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND KNOWS HOW TO DO A BACKHANDSPRING. Sorry if this wasn't the kind of answer you were looking for and if it doesn't help.

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You have to make sure you have a really good roundoff. If you have. Really high rebound doing a back handspring will be much easier. So after you have a good roundoff with. High rebound then get a spotter and have them spot you for a back handspring. You want to do your roundoff and jump back not up and keep your legs straight. You don't want to land in the same spot you started you want to land a lot farther back. The more power you have the less the spotter will need to spot you and eventually you will get your back handspring by yourself!! Good luck!

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