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There are a few different grips you use in tennis. The different grips include: the Continental Grip, Eastern Grip, Western Grip, Semi-Western Grip, and two-handed backhand grip. Let's start with the Continental Grip. You would use this grip when you are at the net hitting volleys and overheads. You will also use it when serving. You hold the racquet like a hammer with the "V" of your thumb and index finger on the narrower edge of the racquet grip. You'll want to use the Eastern Grip when you wish to hit ground storkes that are flat or have topspin. Hold the racquet with the "V" slightly off to the right. You'll want to use the Western Grip when you want to use extreme topspin. This grip is a preferred grip of clay court players because topspin rules on clay. The "V" extremely far off to the right. You'll want to use the Semi-Western Grip when you want to add power and you are a baseliner. You can either hit topsin or flat with this grip. The "V" is between that of the Eastern Grip and the Western Grip. It is recommended to have a Tennis professional demonstrate the different grips for you, so that you are doing them properly.

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Q: How do you know what type of grip to use in tennis?
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What grip do you use to hit a volley in tennis?

western grip

What is an eastern in tennis?

It is a specific grip. To learn more about it, go to They will teach you how to use the eastern grip.

Can you use tennis grip on a baseball bat?

Yes, James Ramsey for Florida State actually prefers tennis grip tape on his baseball bat, and he is one of the hardest hitters in college baseball.

What kind of training equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis players use various kinds of equipment while training. The most important of which would be the tennis racket which may be used with or without a leather grip.

The Three Tennis Grips That You Need to Learn?

If you think that you want to start playing tennis on a regular basis, then you also need to make sure that you learn the three major tennis grips. You will not be able to hit the ball over the net if you do not know how to properly handle a tennis racket, so it is important to learn these fundamentals of the game. Once you know how to handle a racket, you will be able to hit the ball more efficiently and with more power. Focusing on the basics is always extremely important when you take up a new sport, so make sure that you learn the following three grips.The Eastern GripThe first tennis grip that you should take a look at is the Eastern grip. This is the type of grip that feels natural to most of the people who pick up a racket for the first time, so it is also the most popular grip used today. To use this grip, you will basically need to shake hands with the racket and make sure that the end of your hand is at the end of the handle. You should be able to easily see your thumb if you are using this grip.The Continental GripThe Continental grip is the option used by most pros, but it will not feel natural right away. To use this grip on the court, start with an Eastern grip and then rotate the racket clockwise until your thumb and finger are sitting on the edge of the right side of the handle. You should also bread your fingers out a bit with this grip.The Western GripThe Western grip is what you can switch to after you have become a tennis pro. You can start with an Eastern grip for this grip as well, and then main change you will need to make once you are in an Eastern grip is to turn the racket counter-clockwise. You should continue to turn the racket until the V shape of your thumb and pointer finger is pointing to the right.

Should you use grip tape om your tennis racket?

Grip tape is needed to have good tension with your racquet, the better you can hold the racquet the better of your game

Who was Pete Sampras's major sponsor?

Pete Sampras' major sponsor was Tourna Grip. Tourna grip also added back then that the color BLUE was his favorite grip color to use on the tennis court.

What is the main use of wapped towel cloth around the hanale of badmintor table tennis and table rockets?

better grip

Why is it important to use the right type of mounting screws?

The wrong type may not grip well.

Does overgrip ruin the original grip of a tennis racquet?

Most good overgrips will not ruin the original grip. Some overgrips have the tendency to stick to the underlying grip, causing extreme damage to the original grip. Other grips will not ruin the original grip. Really, it is a 'see if it will ruin the grip' kind of thing, because each original grip is different and each overgrip you might use will be different.

Why are tennis shoes best for tennis?

Because tennis shoes have lots of grip and have a thiner base. Just a safety warning. If you are doing long distance runing like cross-country or something like that, never ever use tennis shoes as they will damage your feet very badly if you are using them a lot in this case.

How do you use get a grip in a sentence?

write grip

What picks does mick Thompson use?

dunlop max grip...i dont know what size

What is Tomas berdych's forehand grip?

He use a semi western grip for forehand and for his backhand he use continental grip (right hand), eastern grip (left hand)

What tennis balls do the pros use?

Wilson and Head I think are the most common. Pro tennis players use just about any type of tennis ball (except for the really hard ones you can buy from a $2 shop)

What is similar in tennis and basketball?

Both use a type of ball and have a winner and loser

What is the use of grip safety on 45 caliber?

What is the use of grip safety on 45 caliber pistol?

How do starfish move and grip shells?

starfish have really small leg type things. they use these to walk.

Can you use any type of skateboard to do the Ollie?

As long as there is grip tape and a end that is bent up its possible

What grip do you use for forehand?

The grip that you use for forehand is to stretch out your hand like your going to shake someones hand , and slightly tilt it to the left for right handers. Use a firm but not tight grip

How do you measure your grip size in tennis?

Importance of a proper grip size fit:A properly fitted grip will improve your control over the tennis racquet, enhancing your performance. A grip that is too small will allow the racquet to twist in your hand and can eventually lead to Tennis Elbow. A grip that is too large will decrease wrist snap on serves and prolonged use can also cause Tennis Elbow. It is easier, however, to build up a grip that is too small, than to modify a grip that is too large. So if guessing, go with the smaller size.How to choose the right size grip:Most adult tennis racquet grip sizes range from 4" to 4-5/8", and are at 1/8" intervals in between. The grip size refers to the circumference of the grip, measured in inches. One method of determining your grip size, involves measuring the size of your hand. To do this, place the end of a ruler at the bottom horizontal crease in the palm of your open racquet hand. Measure from this point to the tip of your ring finger. This is your ideal grip size. For example, in the illustration shown here the correct grip size is 4 1/2". If you are between sizes, go with the smaller size. You can always wrap on an Overgrip which typically adds about 1/16". Another popular method is gripping a racquet of known grip size, and observing the gap / amount of space between the fleshy part of the palm and fingertips. It is desirable to have a gap that you can just plug your index finger from your other hand into. If there is a lot of extra space, the grip is too big. If you can't fit a finger in the gap, the grip is much too small. You can extrapolate from there to approximate your correct grip size. Or, if you'd rather print out a measuring guide, click on .yes dear may be grip is there 5" to 4-5/8", and are at 1/7 and more you can visit at:

Can you use a tissue to grip your club when wet?

nope, but you can dry your grip with an tissue.

Why do you use tennis balls?

To play tennis.

What kind of grip frame does an icon x paintball gun use?

Should take a standard type 45 degree frame that goes on the newer Spyder bodies. That being an electronic grip or mechanical.

What grip does Rafael Nadal use?

base from the way nadal hitting the ball..i think he use a semi-western grip,half way between semi-western and western grip