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when you cross the finish line before everyone else

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Q: How do you know if you win a running race?
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Can you win a race in 2 seconds?

To win a race in two seconds would depend on the type of race that you are running. If the race is to see who goes the farthest in two seconds then it is possible to win.

How do you win a running race on Webkinz?

Go to the Kinzville Academy and do the running courses to improve on them. The level you are the better chance you'll get to win it.

Why do you need speed in athletics?

So you can win the running race

Who would win a running race of all of the Mario character?

Mario !

Who win Indycar Race 30-3-2014?

There is no way to know who will win the Indy car race on March 30, 2014. You will have to tune in to see the winner!

Why did your mom win the race?

cause she was the only one running. if u are reading this then u dont have a life

How do you win a 600m running race?

you obviously run 600m

What would cover a long distance sprint or marathon?

A sprint is a short running race at speed. A marathon is a long distance running race, when stamina is more important that sprinting. Whichever race a competitor takes part in, the goal is to win. Therefore, the answer is the marathon.

What will happen when you win a Olympia race?

I don't know it's to hard

If you were in a race were a fish was swimming in water and you were running on land who would win?

Probably the fish, but that depends on the type of fish.

When was Win the Race created?

Win the Race was created in 2000.

Who would win if ronaldo and usain bolt have running race?

Usain because he won the olympics but Ronaldo is just a football player!

What is important to atalanta's suitors?

To win the race so they can win the race.

Is Ron Paul out of the race?

Ron Paul is not out of the race. He is still running and campaigning in upcoming states. It is also not impossible for him to to still win the nomination, though he is currently projected to have the least delegates of all the candidates.

What do you stand on when you win a race?

In European racing and some American series, when you win a race you stand on a podium. When you win a NASCAR race you stand on the roof of your car.

What happens to your breathing rate after a running race?

your breathing rate increases after a running race

Who would win in a race between a dolphin and cheetah?

This is likely a trick question, if they are racing on land, the cheetah will win, and if they are racing in water then the dolphin will win. If this is not a trick question, and you are comparing the linear speed of the average dolphin and cheetah, then the cheetah would likely win in a short race (50m or less), while the dolphin would take the lead after the cheetah stops running at full speed.

Where will Dale Earnhardt Jr. win his first race of 2011?

It is not a given that he will in fact win a race in 2011. Dale Jr. did not win a race in 2011.

What candy means we always win the race?

the candy is i dont know bob marley

Did the black stallion win the race?

yes it di win the race in the book ''The Black Stallion''.

How fast do thoroughbred horses race?

Normally, 40 -45 mph flat out..Secretariat was estimated to be running 50 mph or more in his Belmont win in 1973.

Who would win sonic or ironman?

Sonic would win in a race but Ironman would win in a fight to the death.

Who was the first person to win a drifting race?

john smith was the first person to win a drifting race.

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. win a race in 2010?

Not a Sprint Cup Series race. He did win the Daytona race on July 2nd in the Nationwide Series.

How many teams are in the le tour de france running race?

The most well known Tour de France is a bicycle race, not a running race.