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there is no way you just have to have a strong foot like me i play soccer i can kick a ball across a Basketball court in the air with little effort

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Q: How do you kick a soccer ball 5 yards?
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In soccer what is a wall?

In a penalty there is no defensive wall. In a free kick a goalkeeper puts 5-8 players in a line blocking the goal from the free kick taker, this limits the space in which the attacker can score in.

How long is a field goal from the thirty yard line in the nfl?

They add 17 yards to the LOS. They measure from the spot of the kick not the los. It would be a 37 yard kick

How far away is the receiving team from the kicking team during an onside kick?

The receiving team must be 10 yards from the spot of the kickoff before a kick and must remain so until the ball is kicked. If they go inside of 10 yards before the ball is kicked, they are guilty of offside, which would would be 5 yards and a rekick, if the kicking team doesn't recover.

How much pressue is a 5 soccer ball supposed to have?

what is the regulation of a soccer ball pressure

What size soccer ball can you kick the farthest?

The answer depends largely on the kicker, as leg strength and kicking technique are the greatest factors in determining final length of the ball's flight. There are some mechanics of the ball itself that may make a slight difference.Why the football might go farther:A soccer ball is slightly heavier (just a few grams, on average) than an NFL football. This means that more force is required to kick it the same distance.A soccer ball's shape gives it a larger profile, so it is more susceptible to wind resistance (drag). This gives a slight advantage to the football unless there is a tailwind, which will help the soccer ball.Why the soccer ball might go further:A football is narrower, and so it is harder to kick with accuracy. Because of its shape, a few millimeters difference in kick location can make a lot of difference in how the ball flies. In comparison, a soccer ball is basically spherical, and so it is less susceptible to this phenomenon.Because of its shape, a soccer ball gains more benefit from a tailwind, and so would likely fly farther if there is a moderate or strong wind at the kicker's back.A soccer ball tends to be softer, which allows it to "bounce" off of the kicker's foot, whereas a football is less flexible and pushes back against the foot, transferring some of the energy back to it.If bouncing after initial landing is also considered, the football has the capability of bouncing backward, which gives the soccer ball a better after-the-bounce average.

How do you kick an onside kick?

All players must be on their own half of the field. The ball is placed on the center mark. All players on the non-kicking team must be at least 10 yards from the ball. The ball may be kicked once the whistle is blown. The first kick must have a forward component to it. The kicker may not touch it a second time until another player has touched it. The players on the non-kicking team may close the gap after the first kick, not on the whistle.

How big is an average soccer ball?

An average soccer ball would be about a size 5. Hope this helps.

What is the volume of a size 5 soccer ball?

The answer should be around 68.83185 fluctuating by the inflation of the soccer ball.

What are soccer balls?

What is a soccer ballA soccer ball is an inflated ball used for playing soccer or football. The sizes range from mini ball to size 5. It is used for people to kick, head, thigh, chest, or anything else besides hand. Involved in THE BEST SPORT EVER!

What 5 structures would be used in a soccer game?

5 structures can be: the soccer net the referee the players the soccer field and the soccer ball I hope it helped!

Where can one purchase a soccer ball size 5?

If you are interested in purchasing a soccer ball that is size 5, then you will find several online retailers available. Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, and Ozbo are just a few of the retailers that offer a size 5 soccer ball.

What is borden ball?

Borden ball is a 2 team game , Each team consists of 6 players , 5 fielders and a goalie.This game is played in a gym and all you need is an indoor soccer ball 2 basketball nets and 2 soccer nets.The object of the game is to score on the other team and there are 3 ways to do this.You can shoot the ball at the basketball net which gives you 5 points , you can throw the ball in the goal under the basketball net which gives you 3 points or you can kick the ball in the goal which gets you 1 point.The game starts with a tip-off like in basketball , when carrying the ball you can only take 3 steps then you have to pass the ball , shoot the ball or drop it to the floor and switch to soccer.Once the ball is dropped to the floor you cannot pick it up , you either have to play a soccer game or kick it into a teamates hands ... you can also kick it off the wall into your own hands.