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Q: How do you keep baby curls?
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Why do people keep the shed of a snake at home?

Well, I keep the sheds of my corn snake to see how much she grows in between shedding and just cause they are cool. Plus it is like a baby's first curls, except it's baby's first shed. :)

What do you do to keep curls in longer?

Use a hair spray of wax to keep the shape

How do you keep your curls in all day?

use hairspray on each curl lightly

How do squirrels carry their young?

A mother squirrel carries her baby in her mouth. The baby curls up into a tiny ball and the mother can carry it in her mouth.

Does la bella lost of curls give you curls?

Yes, the La Bella lots of Curls does give you many curls.

Cherubic in a sentence?

Mary Jane's baby has a cherubic face, complete with blonde curls and pink pudgy cheeks.

Baboons move how?

walk on four legs, curls fingers to move faster and keep tails up in bush or shurb.

How do you get stronger and bigger biceps quick?

to get bigger biceps i would recommend preacher curls, hammer curls, barbell curls and dumbbell curls.

What is an alternative exercise for hammer curl?

You have regular DB curls, spider curls, preacher curls, ez curls, chin ups, pull ups.

How do you get a stronger arm?

do weights , bicep curls using a barbell and lots of preacher curls. do weights , bicep curls using a barbell and lots of preacher curls.

What is An Alternative Exercise For Hammer Curls?

Some good alternatives include: Standing Dumbbell Curls, One Hand Cable Curls, and Seated Dumbbell Curls.

How does Miley Cyrus get her curls?

Miley Cyrus has natural curls. Which mean she does not have to go to a salon to get her curls done

Shirley Temple curls?

She had the most ADORABLE little curls. Her mother did her curls and there were 56 each and evry time!!!

Why do Jewish men have curls around the face?

Most do not have those curls.

How do baboons move?

walk on four legs, curls fingers to move faster and keep tails up in bush or shurb.

Can adults keep baby teeth?

adults can keep their baby teeth and it is not rare at all

What exercises really help with your bicep muscles?

There are many excercises to help with bicep, some are for effective then other. My fab 4 * concentration curls * barbell curls * dumbell curls * low pulley curls

What body weight exercise makes your biceps grow fast?

barbell curls,peacher curls,alternate dumbl curls,21curls

Did Michael Jackson ever do his curls?

Michael was born with curls

How do you GHD curl?

well you need to straighten downwards and then keep going down while you do a twist with the straightners !! it works and the curls are FAB!!

How do you compliment the curls of a woman?

If you are talking about her hair (which I hope you are) keep it simple. Say "I like what you have done with your hair today."

How can you keep your friendship bracelet from curling?

when a friendship bracelet curls, you're not doing it right, one knot, is made out of two knots.

When was Keep Your Hands Off My Baby created?

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby was created in 1962.

What Muscles are used in curls?

The main muscle used in curls is the biceps.

Are American Curls active?

Yes, most American Curls are active.