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you triple backflip then eat cheese and then play cod and then you can jump high

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โˆ™ 2011-05-18 02:33:52
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Q: How do you jump in the game Jump High?
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Is high jump is a Olympic game?

Yes, the high jump is an event in the Summer Olympics.

How do you get high jump in Kirby air ride?

The High Jump minigame can be unlocked during the City Trial mode. Go into the Game Settings for the mode and choose the Stadium as High Jump then play the City Trial mode. Wait until the time runs out and the Stadium minigame will begin and since you chose High Jump it will be High Jump.

How high do 14 year olds jump high jump?

They jump on average about 1m50cm

What tactics are in high jump?

The tactics that are involve in the high jump are that you bend your knees and jump the distance you can reach.

How high can coyotes jump?

They can jump really high. 6 can jump a 6 foot fence really easy

How high do horses jump?

Horses can jump as high as they are trained. Some horses can only jump 2 feet high, while other horses can jump 6 feet high.

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

How high can a meerkat jump?

yer they can jump but i don't not how high they can jump though. they lonely jump to worn off their enemies

How high rabbit jump?

a rabbit can barely jump. just in shows it looks like they jump high.

Does the jump matter with how high horses can jump?

Of course it does! If your horse is a Shetland and you ask it to jump over a 1 meter high jump, then you'll kill it!

Can a rabbit jump high?

yup rabbits jump high!

How high can a gray wolf jump?

how high can a wolf jump

How high can a mouse jump?

A mouse can jump approximately 12 inches high.

How high do fleas jump?

hey Im find The ONLY Proven 3-Step Jump Training Program That Adds AT LEAST 9 – 15+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump… In Less Than 8 Weeks. for buy hit the

Winner for the high jump in 1952?

Walter Davis won the high jump in 1952 with a jump of 2.04 meters.

What is the human world record in long high jump?

There is no competition called the long high jump.

What are the rules for high jump?

the rules of high jump i think you have to jump over the bar safely without dropping the bar. if you didnt jump over in you gat two more chances to jump over.

What is the difference between the long jump and high jump?

The long jump is where you have a long strip of sand which you run to and jump as far as you can along it whilst the high jump is where there is a pole which the athletes have to jump over and it gets raised every time each athlete has jumped. :)

How high can a grasshopper jump?

Grasshoppers can jump as high as 4 inches.

How do you cheats special force online high jump?

high jump

How many ways to get over the high jump crossbar?

Jump high

How high do you have to jump to do a backflip?

you have to jump high enough to do a 360 in the air

HOW HIGH can a liger jump?

they can jump 6ft

Can highlighters jump?

yes HIGHlighters can jump very high

How high can a mountain cat jump?

Mountain cat can jump seven times there tail length. They can jump pretty high!