How do you jump hi?

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You can say "hi" but you can not jump "hi".

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Q: How do you jump hi?
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how hi can hulk jump?

Just jump like hulk and then you have do a hulk jump

What level does Meditite learn Hi Jump Kick?

Meditite learns Hi Jump Kick at level 32.

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Hi Friend, My belly do not jump. if you have big stomach then definitely it will jump.

What is the difference between a ladybug and grasshopper?

Ladybugs are fly and grasshoppers jump

Does hi jump kick hit fly in Pokemon white?

Yes Hi-Jump Kick can hit Flying Pokemon in White (the only Pokemon it cannot hit are Ghost Pokemon)

Can buneary learn hi jump kick in Pokemon?

No. Only Jump Kick (lv.37)  

How far can lions jump in the air?

hi lions can jump 12 feet high in the air (3.7 metres)

How high can elk jump?

up to 2 m hi

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What are the release dates for 21 Jump Street - 1987 Hi Mom 4-17?

21 Jump Street - 1987 Hi Mom 4-17 was released on: USA: 12 February 1990

What is your mega jump code mines dg2s3?

hi mine is dxkwi

What moves does buneary learn?

ice beam,thundershock,hi jump kick low jump kick.i'll improve when i get more information. <)

When does rattata learn hi jump kick?

Rattata cannot learn Hi Jump Kick at all. Not even through breeding, which allows some Pokemon to learn moves that they wouldn't be able to learn through level up or by TM/HM.

What are the field events in track field?

hi all field events in track and field are:high jump, pole jump, pong jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hammer throw, javelin, decathlon, pentathlon, walking

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Nahsa hi naha hai

Why do dogs jump on each other?

it's a way of saying "hi! do you want to play?"

How do you join brown pride?

hi this is el pecador and u get jump in we own shernam putos

How do you say jump over the rock in sign language?

Hi: Pound one fist on the back of the other hand; point 2 fingers down (like legs) and jump them over the other hand. [technically: rock - jump over]

What is the best moveset for a Hitmonlee?

hi Jump kick,mega kick,blaze kick,close combat

How do you give your self a atomic wedgie?

you need really stretchy underwear. then get to anything hi in your house and attach your underwear and jump

How do you jump off a steel cage in smack down vs raw 2010 on xbox?

hi the answer is the strike button when you reach the top r u asking to jump on jbl your friend pickleman322

What are some jobs in North America?

You can jump off cliffs and get 10 million dollars, ok HI PPL

Can Tennessee walking horses jump well?

Hi, I have a 6 yr old. Tnn. Wlkr. hes not trained to jump but i have jumped him and he jumps pretty well. You just half to train them. Small to big :)

What is the 8 year old standing jump record?

hi wiki world and my pr would probably be near 1 metre