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You have to not get drafted into the nba

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Q: How do you join the NBA D league?
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Is the d-league in NBA 2k11?

Yes there is a d-league in NBA 2k11.

What is NBA D league?

The NBA Development League is a minor league basketball organization.

How do you get my player out of the d-league in NBA 2k11?

You have to play 6 d-league with c and better. Once you do it, there will be a press conference on you being called out to the NBA. you can go back to your team or be drafted to a team For example, i was in heat. I got down to d-league in 6 games of NBA. But then i got called back and all my stuff of NBA is back like my milestones and my TEAM! SO this is how to get off the d-league.

How do you be an NBA player?

You need to study in Pheonix and you may be drafted to play in the D-league after playing in college. after D-league you may be drafted to play in the Phoenix Suns in the NBA

Is it possible to first be in the NBA D-Leauge and then the NBA?

Yes, the D stands for Developmental, meaning... the purpose of the league is to get athletes who may not quite be ready for the NBA DEVELOPED, so that they can be an asset to their parent organization. Teams in the NBA-D are affiliated with NBA teams.

Who is on the NBA D-league logo?

Jerry West

What is the salary of an NBA D-league coach?


Who is on the NBA D league logo?

Jerry west

Who is the most famous nba d league player?

The Most famous D-League Player in history was Randy Livingston

If a NBA D League player dose not make it to the NBA can they stay in development until the NBA picks them up?

Yes, they can.

What NBA d-league teams are there in NBA 2k10?


Is it possible to first be in the NBA D-League and then the NBA?

Yes, Patrick Ewing Jr. Amoung others

When did the nba store open?

NBA Store offers a huge selection of NBA, WNBA and D-League gear from top quality brands, all in one convenient place. They are passionate about their goal of bringing NBA, WNBA and D-League fans across the globe access to their favorite team's gear.

What does d league mean in basketball?

The Nba Development Leauge

Who is the oldest person to play in an NBA d league?

Antoine Walker

What are the NBA farm teams?

the whole d-leggue (nba-development league) is a farm league owned by the nba. some nba-francises have their own farm others share one:

What is the name of the Lakers NBA D-League affiliate in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles D-Fenders

What NBA team does Jon Scheyer play for?

As of July 4, 2010, Jon Scheyer is not on an NBA team. He was not drafted in the 2010 NBA draft, but will join the Washington Wizards' summer league team.

Can you change your D league team in NBA 2k10?

I never had 2k 10

How many games are in the nba d-league finals?

Its the best of 3 games

How hard is it to be NBA mvp?

There are about 3000 players in the nba incliuding free agents and d league. so being mvp is very hard to be considereing the amount of talent there is in the nba. say for a easily replaceable player trying to get mvp, you would go against and have to be better than kobe, lebron, d wade, dwight, d rose, cp3, and other greats in the league

How do you become a NBA basket ball player?

Well first off, new rule for the NBA is that you have to have at least one year of college education before going to the NBA. Second pretty self-explanatory: practice, the NBA dose not just let anyone get drafted. Some players don't make it to the NBA drafted, instead they may get put into the NBA Development League, the NBA D-League is a league where players that has potential, but need a little more work. Some make it out of the D-League like NBA player Jamario Moon. Bottom line it takes dedication and hard work to become a basketball player, and won't happen over night.

Tips on getting out of the D League in NBA 2k10?

First you have to grab the balls in the sack and touch them all over :D

How much do nba d-league players make?

sadly only $14,000-$25,000

How do you get out of the D-League in my player in NBA 2k10?

By doing great in 5 or more games.