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You would find the team captain and ask him/her, or find their signup sheet or website.

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Q: How do you join a high school paintball team?
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How do you start a high school paintball team?

Watch the related link: "Starting a new paintball team". From Mike @ TechPB.

How do you join a paintball team?

you ask some people if they want to be on a paintball team and if they say yes your team is beginning and if they say no keep asking

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Where can you join a paintball club?

Try your local paintball fields. Many teams/clubs will not take in anyone that asks to join, many of them will have requirements such as volunteering at the local field, or joining in in team fuctions. Requirements will be different from team to team.

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If it is a citywide team then yes you can join. I don't really know if you can if it is just a sport for that school.

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