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press the Hands Up/Bat Pass/Intercept button repeatedly (Y button on Xbox 360). It seems to be a timing thing however, it doesn't always work, even if you seem to have a clear shot at it.

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take yo mamma's .... and jab it to the left

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Q: How do you intercept the ball on Madden 11?
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Can you intercept the ball in madden 12 on iPod touch?

Yes you can intercept just stand in front of the ball

How do you intercept in Madden 10?

On Madden 12 for Xbox when the ball comes your way press Y. PlayStation: Triangle, Wii: B.

How do you make someone fumble the ball in Madden 11 for Xbox?

Hold x

How do you bat a ball down in Madden NFL 11?

Instead of batting it down, try to intercept it, (this is also in your madden guide that came with the game) On the right side of your controller pick the farthest up button, on ps1 2 or 3 it's a triangle, on a computer it's E and on xbox or wii i don't know.

Why does the qb over throw the ball in madden 11?

1) He could be unaccurate. 2) You probably use the left joystick to redirect the ball.

What is YAC in madden 11?

Yards After the Catch. It's how many yards the receiver gets after catching the ball.

What should you get madden 10 or madden 11?

you should get madden 11 its better and it's recent?

Which game is better Madden 11 or NCAA 11?

madden 11 without a dobt

When is 'Madden 11' coming out?

"Madden 11" will be coming out on August 14th, 2010.

Is chris ivory in madden NFL 11?

I don't belive he is on madden 11

Is there playoffs in Madden 11?

yes, madden 11 has everything in football that NFL football has.

When was Joel Madden born?

Joel Madden was born on March 11, 1979