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If you wish to control the second head from the original shower control, then come off the head. That way both shower heads can be controlled from one location. Realize that the water pressure will decrease as they have a common source, which is normally a 1/2 inch line.

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Q: How do you install a second opposite shower head in a 3x3 stall Do you run the second head water supply off the top of the first shower head riser or do you run it from the base of the first riser run?
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Buy to shower valves and install them so they are on opposite side walls or if you have a existing shower with one valve then the easiest way is to take out your old shower head and replace it by buying a chrome wye fitting that with two chrome nipples you can install to shower heads another way is by buying 3 chrome nipples and one chrome T and two chrome male by female IPS 90 and thread them into the the T and then you have room for two shower heads and they can be put side by side. The best way is to have two shower valves & shower heads, depending on your water supply and how you run your water pipes to the valves, most likely you will increase your water flow if not almost double and make sure you have at least a 2" drain & trap.

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