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Q: How do you increase speed on Yamaha raptor 50?
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What is the top speed for Yamaha raptor 50?

Around 65mph.

What kind of oil for 2007 Yamaha raptor 50 quad?

yamalube 10W-30

What type of oil for a 700 Yamaha raptor?

yamalube but in my 660 i run 20/50 castrol

How do adjust Carburetor on Yamaha Raptor 50?

the adjustment isn't the problem those carbs are junk

What is the world's fastest ATV?

the fastest racing ATV is the Polaris Outlaw 525, It goes 50 MPH. , SORRY. THE YAMAHA 700 RAPTOR IS THE FASTEST ATV OUT IVE RIDDEN BOTH AND THE RAPTOR IS FASTER new answer:i think the fastest three wheeler is the Yamaha z 250 im not sure what the top speed is but its the fastest thing ive ever drove

What is the top speed of a Yamaha Breeze ATV?

Top speed of the Yamaha Breeze ATV is 40-50 mph.

What is the top speed for a Yamaha IT 125?

its around 50-55

What is the top speed of a Yamaha grizzly 300?

at top speed it goes about 50-60

What is the top speed of a Yamaha 350 wolverine?

From 50 to 55mph

What is the top speed for Yamaha yz250f?

50 - 60 Mph

What is the 2012 Yamaha TT-R110E top speed?

about 50+

Top speed of a Yamaha pw 50 dirt bike?

the top end speed is 65mph.

What oil does a 2001 Yamaha raptor 660r take?

AMSOIL Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil Best there is, changed about every 30hrs.

Yamaha rt 100 top speed?

I would say 40 to 50 mph

How fast does a Yamaha pw 50 go?

Top Speed: 25 mph

What is the top speed of a Yamaha big bear 250?

50 miles a hour

Does a Yamaha raptor 50 ATV have a governor and if so how do you take it off?

Raptor 50's are a youth atv. The factory has a throttle stop screw at the throttle lever. There is also changes to the throttle arm and carb slide that prevents attaining full throttle. Lastly the stock CDI box has a rev limiter.

Where is the speed cable on a 2001 Yamaha big bear 4x4?

45 to 50 mph

Top speed of a raptor 250?

the top speed is about 50-60 mph 249cc, its quick! The top speed is 52-54mph tested by radar gun.

How is speed determined on 50 hp Yamaha outboard back to speedometer?

via vacuum hose

Top speed of a Yamaha ttr110?

aprox 50 miles an hour My 2008 Yamaha TT-R 110, with the muffler removed hit about 61mph.

What is the top speed of a 2008 Yamaha ttr 110?

My 2012 ttr 110 can go 50-55mph

How fast do a 09 350 raptor go?

the 350 is a 6 speed and i dont belive they have changed the gering so 50 mph 55 redlined

What is the top speed on a 1984-1989 Yamaha yfm 200 shaft and whats one worth in nice condition?

50-55 mph

What is the Top speed of a 2008 Yamaha Wolverine 350?

mine tops out at 62 with a fmf pipe.. so stock around 50-55