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when you have taken a shot, follow your shot to the hoop and if it hits the ring you will then hopefully get the rebound meaning you can have another shot:)

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Q: How do you improve your follow through when you shoot in netball?
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Who can shot in netball?

In netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

What positions in netball can shoot?

goal attack and goal shoot

Is it legal to shoot off the net in indoor netball?


Can you shoot off the rebound in the air in netball?

yes you can

Can Wing Attack shoot in netball?

No, only Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

What is the purpose for netball?

To get the ball to the goal circle and shoot a goal.

What do netball shoot in?

Well, there's a net without as backbord

Where can you shoot from in netball?

In most games you can only shoot from inside the shooting circle,however some people play that you can shoot from outside the shooting circle and if you do you get 2 points. In the netball world cup 2011 the played this rule.

Why is it important to follow through when you shoot in netball?

It is Important to follow through in netball because even the best shooter in the world still occasionally misses and if you miss you need to be there ready to get the rebound. If you manage to get the rebound you have an extra chance to score a goal. However if you didn't follow the ball after you shot, and you missed and the other team got the ball then they could score an extra point instead of you. If you manage to get the rebound every time you miss a goal and score from the rebound you will end up with a high score. Hope you find this helpful

What was the role of guns in slave trade?

To shoot and kill the slaves if they did not follow orders. Or to get the slaves to follow orders through intimidation.

Can you shoot with one foot on the base line in netball?

yes my homeslice

Who out of the netball silver fern players can shoot the hightest?

maria Tutaia

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