How do you impress your coach?

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depends on what sport if its Basketball i suggest do a cool dunk while in a scrimmage or practice if you cant dunk do what you do best shooting 3s you will impress your coach it worked for me

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Q: How do you impress your coach?
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How do you get into a football club?

You have to be young, good and impress the coach.

What to do when the girl you like is your coach's daughter?

Will try to impress your coach and be on his good side. Talk to the girl and try to convince her father (the coach) that you realy like his daughter and promise him you won't hurt her.

How do you impress the middle school coach at volleyball tryouts?

You do your best and don't constantly look around. Always pay attention to the coach and the lesson being taught.

How do you impress your water polo coach to give you more playing opportunities?

No matter what, NEVER ask him to go in.

How do you impress your gymnastics coach?

Do everything your teacher says and put a lot of EFFORT into it. You do not have to be really good at Gymnastics you just have to put a lot of EFFORT into it.

What is impress but in present form?

it is impress example "Impress me."

How do you impress a guy when a guy's trying to impress you?

If he wants to impress you, he likes you. Impress him by asking him out.

How can you use the word impress in sentences?

Dress to impress! He wished to impress his female companion... In order to impress your boss, you first need to...

How do you do up downs in football?

You start out legs shoulder width apart and then when your coach yells hut/blows the whistle you chop your up and down then when your coach yells hut/blows the whistle you go as fast as you can going to a push up position then going back up then repeat. The stronger and faster you do it the more you'll impress your coach

How to get a girl to go out with you who already has a boyfriend?

tell her you can treat her better then he can. over do him. impress impress impress.

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impress her but then how do u impress her?

What is the Tagalog of impress?

Tagalog translation of impress: ilimbag

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