How do you hold a volley ball?

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To serve or bump a volley ball you must put one hand in a fist and gently place the other one on top of it

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Q: How do you hold a volley ball?
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How do you say you like volley ball in french?

Volley, volley-ball

What does carrying the ball mean in volley ball?

you hold it for a split second before throwing it over

What is Weight and size of volley ball?

what is a ball circumfrance in volley ball

How do you say volley-ball in Quebec?

volley ball in quebec

How do you spell volley ball in French?

It is spelled the same, le volley or le volley-ball.

What to volley the ball means?

VOLLEY BALL means the action of keeping the ball in play

What is the difference between a half volley and volley in soccer?

A volley is where the ball is kicked without bouncing, a half volley is where the ball has bounced and the ball is kicked on it's way up.

Is kicking allowed in volley ball?

no because volley ball is game where you can only hit the ball

What is the weight of volley ball?

volley ball weight is 240-280 grams

What is needed to play volley ball?

You need a volley ball and a net + people

What is the difference between a groundstroke and a volley?

Well a groundstroke is when you hit the ball at the baseline. You know, forehand and backhand. The volley is close up to the net, where you basically block the ball coming at you with your tennis raquet facing straight up. There is a forehand volley ( hold with right hand) and a backhand volley ( hold with left)-- Left handed people--It's just the opposite.

How long can you hold a ball for in volley ball?

You cant hold the ball at all. It is classified as a carry and is a point for the other team. I hope this helped! YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IT WHEN YOY ARE GOING TO SERVE AND YOU CN HOLD IT FOR ONLY 8 SEC.

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