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You don't. Field Hockey uses a ball.

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Q: How do you hit a puck in a field hockey game?
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What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

Hockey puck

How is sliding friction shown in field hockey?

Sliding friction is shown in hockey when you hit the puck. The puck has friction against the ice (but there isn't much).

What is the object being hit in a game of ice hockey called?

A puck.

In the friends sitcom who got hit in the face with a hockey puck?

Ross got hit by a hockey puck after agreeing to go to a New York Rangers game with Chandler and Joey.

What is the hockey thing you hit called?

A hockey puck

What is a hockey stick and puck?

A hockey stick is what the players hold on to in order to move the puck. A puck is the black disk that the players use the stick to hit. The purpose of the game is to get the puck into the opponent's net more times than they score on your net.

What do hockey players use to hit the puck?

A Hockey stick

What is the object hit by the players in ice hockey?

A hockey puck

What would happen if hockey puck was hit off the space shuttle?

Well, the space shuttle is no longer in space, it is in a museum, so if you hit a hockey puck off it, the hockey puck would probably crash into the museum wall.

Where are hockey sticks sold?

to hit the puck not with your hands

What is the object hit by the ice hockey called?


What was used to hit the puck in hockey before hockey sticks were made?

A ball... The original game of hockey was played in Kingston Ontario Canada by British Troops and was played with field hockey sticks and a Ball, as the game developed I presume that it wasnt practical to play with a ball and then a puck was invented... the first referrence i can find is 1876