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you place your right hand almost at the end of the rubber grip and your left hand a bit under the top of the stick. hope that helped :)

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Q: How do you grip a field hockey stick?
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What is the fastest field hockey shot?

a drive is the most powerful field hockey shot, and can usually go the furthest. you hold the stick with both hands at the top of the grip and step into the drive. follow through by pointing the stick ahead

What is the best field hockey stick for a forward?

There are many brands of field hockey sticks but some are given below. STX Carba100 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick STX C-103 Adult Composite Field Hockey Stick STX 361 Composite Field Hockey Stick Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick Or you can find sticks from the link in the related links.

How do you make a field hockey stick?

Well all you have to do is get a lump of wood and then cut it into the right shape. Then add a grip and you'r done.

What is a good field hockey stick for defense?

the executioner 1800 is an amazingly good field hockey stick for defense

Which hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey?

The left hand is on the top part of the stick for field hockey.

How do you take sticky grip off of a hockey stick?

goop remover

What is the bow of a field hockey stick?

A hockey stick can have bow up to and including 25mm

What is the name of the field hockey stick?

It is quite simply referred to as a "hockey stick" or a "stick" by most people.

What tape should you use to tape your field hockey stick?

Use cloth tape to tape your field hockey stick. See related links, below, for more information on caring for your field hockey stick.

Where are field hockey sticks made?

In hockey stick factories.

Are there any products in field hockey?

a hockey stick! and a hockey puck! gear!

If you play on grass with an astro turf hockey stick what will happen?

A field hockey stick is a field hockey stick. There is no differentiation between those used on either surface; most stick models can and will be used on both.

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