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You can get the ticket on online or when you goes to the stadium. Also if there is a fan club in your local area you can get tickets from there if you are a member

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Q: How do you get tickets for Liverpool soccer games?
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Is there a chance to buy next season Liverpool tickets in general sale?

You can buy Liverpool Football tickets on Vertex Tickets for the games.

What tickets can be purchased at Anfield Stadium?

At Anfield stadium one can buy tickets for football matches. Anfield is the home base for Liverpool F.C., a world famous soccer club. Liverpool was founded in 1982 at Anfield statium.

Where can one purchase Liverpool FC tickets?

You can purchase Liverpool FC ticket from their official website. Over there you can see the upcoming games and which games are still available and which games have sold out.

Buy a Liverpool football ticket?

Buy Liverpool football tickets at Vertex Tickets. They have a good selection of football tickets for all the games, even if the game is sold out or you want to get some upgraded/preferred seating.

Where could a person go to get football tickets in Liverpool?

You can get football tickets in Liverpool at ticket agents, any online ticket site, Liverpool FC tickets, Arsenal tickets, and premiere League tickets.

What was the first soccer team to make 10 goals in one games?


Where to buy Liverpool tickets online?

Try the Liverpool FC official website:http:/

Which soccer team has a larger fanbase Celtic or Liverpool?


Why is Liverpool not called Liverpool Soccer Club?

Because it is not known as "Soccer" in the UK, in fact the US is one of the only nations that calls football soccer, it is known as football to the rest of the world. It is however known as Liverpool F.C (Liverpool Football Club)

What club has the best record in soccer?

Manchester United for their games won. Liverpool also has the best record for their tittles.

What are the 2 biggest soccer clubs in Liverpool?

Liverpool FC and Everton

Where can someone get a Liverpool jersey?

There are a number of retailers where one could get a Liverpool jersey including We Got Soccer, Soccer On Sale, World Soccer Shop, Soccer Pro, eBay and Amazon.