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System 36 is a method of creating handicaps on the same day of an 18-hole tournament. Most frequently used in friendly tournaments where many of the players don't have official handicaps. The method used is as follows. At the end of play, a tally is made of each players round, counting up the number of holes scoring par or better, the number scoring a bogey and the number scoring double bogey or more. Then each par or better receives 2 points, each bogey receives 1 point and each double bogey or worse receives 0 points. The points are added up and subtracted from 36. This is the handicap for the player. For example, if you par every hole, you will receive a point total of 2 x 18 = 36. Subtracting from 36 gives you a handicap of 0. Another example. A golfer completed the following round:
Hole 1 - par
Hole 2 - bogey
Hole 3 - birdie
Hole 4 - triple bogey
Hole 5 - bogey
Hole 6 - bogey
Hole 7 - double bogey
Hole 8 - bogey
Hole 9 - par
Hole 10 - double bogey
Hole 11 - double bogey
Hole 12 - par
Hole 13 - bogey
Hole 14 - double bogey
Hole 15 - triple bogey
Hole 16 - par
Hole 17 - bogey
Hole 18 - par Total at end of round:
par or better = 6 x 2 = 12
bogeys = 6 x 1 = 6
double bogeys or worse = 6 x 0 = 0 Total points = 18 Handicap = 36 - 18 = 18 Gross = 91
Net = 73

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Q: How do you get the handicap of a system '36 in golf?
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What is is steven Gerrard golf handicap?

36 ;)

What is the highest golf handicap?

For men 28, and for women 36.

What is the max Golf handicap?

For men 28 and for women 36. In Australia the current handicap maximum for men is 36 and for women 45 (August 2011)

How do you calculate modified system 36 point?

System 36 is normally based on handicap of the day. However when a tournament uses System 36 Modified, the organisers need each golfers DECLARED handicap. They then calculate using System 36 to determine each golfers HANDICAP OF THE DAY. If your HANDICAP OF THE DAY is HIGHER than your DECLARED HANDICAP, then they will recalculate based on your DECLARED HANDICAP. Example: With System 36, your HANDICAP OF THE DAY was determined to be 22 and Stableford points is say 35points. Your DECLARED HANDICAP is 20. So with System 36 Modified your Stableford points will now be 33 points. If HANDICAP OF THE DAY is 20 and Stableford points is 35 points. DECLARED HANDICAP is 22, then with System 36 Modified, the result at 35 Stableford points STAYS.

What is the beginners handicap in golf?

Usually you hand in 3 cards and they work out your handicap for you, so there is no set beginner handicap. But there are limits, the maximum is 28 for men and 36 for ladies.

How do you calculate points under System 36?

System 36 (For Open Amateur Competition when handicap is not available) During the game player carries no handicap. - For a par or better, the golfer will gets 2 points, - for a bogey will gets 1 point - No point for double bogey or worst. System 36 normally followed by either stroke play or stable ford with the 'handicap' obtained after the game using System 36 method. Example: If a golfer bogeys all the hole, his total point is 18 , so 36-18 = 18 his handicap is 18; if a golfer pars all the hole, his total is 36 thus 36-36 = 0....his handicap is 0

Which sport associated with the term handicap?

A handicap is assiciated with golf

What do you do with a player who has a 40 handicap in golf and wants to play the quota game?

The maximum allowed handicap is 28 for men, and 36 for ladies, so they'd have to play off either of those.

What is abbreviation of handicap in golf?

They use the abbreviation "HCP" in golf.

What is a good handicap for a 18 hole golf course?

It depends how difficult the course is, and how good you are. Mens maximum is 28 and ladies 36.

Define how i determine my handicap in golf?

Play 3 rounds of golf, total the amount you are over par, and divide by 3, then round up. This is roughly your starting handicap. The handicap system is a lot more advanced, it takes CSS into account and you get reduced by or increased by decimal points depending on how you play and depending on your handicap category.

How does the handicap system work IN GOLF?

Whatever your handicap is you take it off your final score. e.g. final score=82, handicap= 12 82-12=70 giving you a nett score of 70

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