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I would definitely stretch but sometimes the only way to get rid of running cramps is to just run through them,

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Q: How do you get rid of side cramps?
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How do you get rid of random side cramps?

Stretch, stretch, stretch. This will loosen your side muscles and stop those cramps. If you stretch every day and it doesn't stop, see a doctor.

Where can I find out how to get rid of calf cramps?

There are several websites where an individual can find out how to get rid of calf cramps. Examples would include Ehow, How To Get Rid Of Stuff, and Livestrong.

How do you get rid of diarrhea cramps?

i don't really know how to get rid of the cramps Ive got the cramps right now, all i can say is don't ever have paracetamol it will just make the cramps worse mostly if you haven't ate anything hope you get better ; )

How can you get rid of small cramps?

you can get rid of Small cramps by taking a hot milk bath and stay in the hot milk for at least 30 minutes and if that doesn't help then you need to go see a doctor at once because you might become crippled in the spot that you have cramps..

How do you get rid of cramps during school?

The same way you would outside of school. If asked, simply inform your professor that you are removing cramps.

What is good advice for getting rid of muscle cramps due to exercise?

we can get relieve from muscles cramps by a massage or a hot water bath

What can you do when getting bad leg cramps-?

Stretching and massaging the leg can help in getting rid the cramps.

How do girl get rid of cramps?

You really can't get rid of cramps. They just come, but it depends on why you are cramping.When you have your period and have those painful, horrible cramps... I suggest taking Advil to ease the pain. It works for 3 or 4 hours.If your doing sports, drink a lot of water!Don't eat to much when doing sports!Hope this has helped!

Can Mirena cause cramps?

I suggest you go to your doctor. Mirena IUD have many side effects and cramps is one of them.

What pills could help get rid of menstrual cramps?

Feminax Ultra available from boots chemist

Can it happen where you got your period but you did not get the cramps and the side affects?

Menstrual cramps are NOT a normal part of healthy menstruation - as for 'side-effects' different people can experience different things, but negative symptoms are preventable. It's normal to menstruate without experiencing menstrual cramps, it's abnormal to experience menstrual cramps.

Can muscle cramps be a side effect after donating blood?

I gave blood for the 1st time ever today. I have muscle cramps in both of my feet tonight and feel sick at my stomach. I also wonder if muscle cramps are a side effect of donating blood.