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if you play for a large club or organization they will usually have try outs for gold, silver and bronze teams. These teams then compete in metro or premiership leagues.

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go to games of other teams that are better. as you watch, do some of your tricks on the other side of the field, maybe the coaches will glance at you, and notice you.

I was in a simallar situation a few years ago. I'm 14 now and when I was 12 I played for a horrible team. I think we won something like 3 games 4 seasons. Well getting on with the story, I was at a game and I played very well but we still lost. While shaking hands the coach of the other team asks if I was interested for playing for them just for an invatational that our team wasn't invited to. I went and there we did pretty good. There were scouts there for other teams in hope of grabbing up some kids like me, that were ready to leave there team for a better. Well a coach there asks me to attend one of there try-outs. I did and I made the team. I now play for the Beavercreek Celtics, we have won the Ohio state torument for the past 3 years and I'm already getting college scouts looking. But for a tip on finding a better team, if your offered a chance take it. You might end up like me and get your wish of playing for a better team.

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Hey try using

Its a great online resource where you get recruited to teams and clubs and colleges.

Post your details today.

Most leages have tryouts held once a year for better teams

This website my wife and I found is AMAZING. So much so, I felt I needed to share it with all those other confused parents and their kids who play sports in highschool and are trying to make a transition into college playing a sport. Its called It is a website that has coaches from all over the country D1, D2, and D3 who use it. Your kid can go on, sign up, create an account, post pictures, stats, attributes, and most importantly two highlight videos for coaches to see. It costs a one time payment of 39 bucks, but the way I figured it was that 10 bucks a year to decide the next four years of his life was worth it.

I love my kid, and altough he is great at Basketball (all-area this year!!) at 5' 10" he knew he wasn't going to be playing at DUKE. We don't have a lot of options for college in the area and I really want him to go somewhere he can play (he wants to play as well I'm not just pushing him haha). This website has allowed him to advertise himself to coaches at the D2, and D3 schools who aren't going to drive across State lines to see him, but might otherwise have an interest in him. Only a couple weeks after we uploaded his profile, my son got a phone call that a coach from a school he was interested in is COMING TO SEE HIM PLAY ONCE THE SEASON STARTS! I'm so glad there is a way to end this painful process of sending out envelopes for recruitment like I did with my oldest son. Afterall, 95% of the highschool athletes don't get recruited, but I think a lot of them are good enough to play somewhere, right? Anyway, I just want to say thanks to the people who created the website, and I hope I can win the scholarship money your giving out. Might work for soccer recruits.Thanks!!!!!

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Q: How do you get recruited to a better soccer team?
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