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A muscle is designed to protect your bones and nerves from heavy impact. Generally, if you have muscle, then you can endure more blows in boxing.

For strength, it basically refers the the weight in your punches. Higher strength delivers more powerful hits in your basic strikes.

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you can get power in your punches by using the punching bag and hitting as hard as you can for like 30 seconds and if Ur not tired by that do a minute or two. you can also go to the gym and do weights[ but if ur a kid like 13 dont go over thirty pounds cuz if u do more it will hurt your growing process[stunt your growth] just do your arms and chests not ur legs dont use anything with ur legs]. you do not have to listen to me but when i was 13 i was doing wieghts over 60 pounds with my arms and with my legs like over 90 pounds and now im 26 and im 5''5.

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its good to have it because then u can keep ur opponent away nd that might give you some time to think or recover

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To punch hard...

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Q: How do you get power in your punches?
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